My flimsy little bones is pinning me down all day here on my bed and only I can do is just telling things from my head

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I may find it therapeutic to say what I want to say in writing but with only this way to spend my time with everyday of my life really isn't the path that I want to chose in doing in very passing day of my existence.

Day after day my time is consumed just like that, there is not much action going in my life except that my financial gains where at least it makes me smile as it gives me financial security. However, my financial security is for my and my parent's insurance when an expected medical event happens particularly for my parents while in my case if it will be grave then I might seek anymore medical intervention because of this state of my health. Well, in-fact many doctors already would give-up on me at the sight of me and it includes my Nephrologist which in some years ago had prescribed me large doses of Paracetamol because of my Parathyroid-related bone and joint pains. It is a big deal for me because why for me I was asking myself why would I be prescribed with a drug that would destroy my liver given that the burses and my doctor knows that I have a viral liver condition. I am a human being and I have a vision and hearing, and why is that important, it is because in the past I have seen my co-patients went yellow and died because they took that particular brand of Paracetamol with a high dose of Paracetamol in combination of another anti-pain medication whereas it has to be taken as needed, everyday. Any normal person would bust their liver if they would obey that same prescription. Well, I tried some tablets but after a couple of times I used it there is no effect on me because the cause of my pain was not solved as I realized later after so many years that the fact that my bones are leaching out Calcium into my blood all the while because of my hyperactive Parathyroid due to the main cause of not being able to control my blood's Phosphorus levels is causing all this destructive bone mass loss and eventually, pain. But the solution that I learned after many years came too little too late because bad changes already had occurred to my bones as it gave me complications like developing the rarest bone condition called Leontiasis Ossea which caused me so much inconvenience and fear that I will die in the most brutal way possible. But at least my bone problem had abated because more than three years ago I learned about the use of Vitamin K2 MK-7 from one member of this blogging community and attested the good effects of it for strengthening our bone by assimilating Calcium much better by making the bones absorb Calcium rather than what a secondary Hyperparathyroidism does which makes the bones leach-out calcium from it. After I tried some Vit. K2 MK-7, the effects is profound, not only it solved my joint pain issues in a better way, it also made me to be able to walk again although in short distances only. It gave me some freedom of movement unlike before where lying down here in my bed doesn't give me much relief let alone to sit and walk which is quite impossible to do before the years that I am not using Vit. K2 MK-7.



Help just came in late but it was me that helped myself in getting better thanks tot he mercy of Lord God in my life.

But my bones can only improve much because I am still preferring to be lying down compared to walking or standing-up for some reason. I would like to have a much cleaner room but I can never do that as my physical power or what was left of it cannot anymore perform that task anymore along with what I was enjoying to do like cooking viands for us here in my family to enjoy eating together because of pain involved whenever I would use my hands and arms while at the same time my backbone will eventually cry for standing or sitting-up for a limited moments only. I am almost totally disabled in that regard because of my insignificant way of using my body to do physical things in my life for so many years now. My bones are only sticking together because of my use of the aforementioned vitamin because without it my bones will again deteriorate in a rapid manner given the fact that my secondary hyperparathyroidism is not yet corrected. One way of solving that condition is by surgically taking out the majority of the Parathyroid glands out from the patient's neck outside the Thyroid glands from its four corners where the Parathyroid glands are located. The doctors measure the amount of Parathyroid hormone everytime they take out the said gland piece by piece until they come-up with an acceptable level where it can't pretty much cause more damage to the bones. The procedure is quite quick but it has complications like getting a lower Calcium level in the blood which can lead to death so if there are no more complications like that happens the patient is let to go home. Many patients will immediately feel the results because their bones is not throwing out Calcium anymore. Similarly that is what I felt maybe only after a week or a few days after using the aforementioned vitamin and I already told in my countless blog posts about it already because I am more than elated to experience what Vitamin K2 MK-7 can do in order to strengthen the bones maybe in all age group especially the old where they need it most while youngsters might also need it in order to have stronger bones if only most people know about this wonder of a vitamin can really do.



For one thing I cannot be too dependent on other people to support me physically particularly if other people outside my family, then it will be just pointless to live anymore.

Now, lucky are those that would be able to read this attestation of mine about the great benefits of Vitamin K2 MK-7 for mending bones that are ravaged by the incessant pump of Parathyroid hormones in the blood of some people especially for dialysis patients like me who are always not made aware of an impending bone ailment which can occur if they will not control their blood's Phosphorus levels which is the root cause of the development of secondary Hyperparathyroidism particularly here in my country where medical standards are lower. So good luck for those people that can read and learn this attestation of mine telling my first-hand experience about saving myself (maybe temporarily) from the fangs of hyperparathyroidism which also caused me to suffer Leontiasis Ossea. So here I am now but I am still longing for more improvement and I don't know if I needed a bigger dose or not because Vitamin K2 Mk-7 is still a vitamin and it is an oil-based vitamin, it can overload the liver and cause my liver to get affected considering that I am already positive for getting both Hepatitis B and C and that is worrying me a lot because I do not want to die just yet, I still have some plans to do but of course if it time for me to go in the will of God, I can't really change that do I? However it is also my fear to be left out alive and alone because it will be different no matter what medical and emotional support I would get, without my family caring and loving me, it will not matter. It is because my goals are not for me solely but also for my family for the reason that not all that I want to happen in this world cannot happen because of the number and gravity of complications in my body that all I wanted to do now is to strive for being well-enough until I get some of my dreams a reality. Meanwhile I am keeping busy with what I can only do which is this, conveying to other people (that cares) what I want to say from my mind and enjoying it, I cannot call it a good life but it is all that I can do.



Being stuck here on my bed is one big things to cause me a lot of frustration and the only thing that appeases me is the benefits of my kind of hobby and the presence of God and my family. I am still a normal person inside my mind, have the same wants and goals like most people do but some things are in not my control, it is one of the reason why I am sad, by fighting so much adversary in my uninteresting and hard life.



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