My Dialysis Session Went Well Today

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This dialysis session of mine is different today because I was scheduled at 3rd batch which meant that I am with dialysis patients that have lung issues not necessarily that they have communicable lung diseases but they just are found with lung impressions with their x-ray result which could mean a lot of things most particularly fluids in the lungs which also causes coughs.

The hospital is just cautious enough not to mingle us with patients that does not cough or with a clear lung test just to avoid them from getting ill. That is the new normal that we all have to contend with like this new normal that I will have to go through being in the later schedule of dialysis.

I just do not like being with a coughing patient because of course it could be a pneumonia that is causing them to cough and I can get infected especially now that getting a cough is like yelling inside an airplane using an Arabic language.

Now I am just fortunate enough that even though I had suffered from having and is still having this issue of having fluids in my lungs, I am not getting any coughs or pneumonia for that matter. I know what pneumonia is because I suffered from it many years ago, after that I can't even remember when was the last time I had a lung infection.

This latest diagnosis of a pulmunologist to me is for me not that reliable because the doctor only based his diagnosis from a single chest x-ray because the impression from my x-ray could mean anything like a scarring from my previous or current lung fluid condition.

So now I have to take an antituberculosis medicine for who knows how long. But I am giving the benefit of the doubt to the doctor since I am suffering from marked weakness and wasting of my body which could mean that I do have a tuberculosis. So I would wonder if that could get cured then I might gain weight and that would be fantastic if I would regain my strength back too.

Anyway life still continues for me, the only way to go is to move forward and struggle and maybe soon God will additionally be merciful to me that he will finally grant me my longing in this short lifetime of mine. Nothing much that I wanted but to live a life free if not lessened from pain, worries, sadness, fear, and grief. A million thanks to God for this day.


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I hope you don't get any coughs.
It's not good to be stuck with patients who are coughing. What if it's the coronavirus cough?! You never know?!