I Wished That I Had Met More People Or Friends In My Life: A Few Minutes Freewrite

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I view myself as chained down with a great big iron ball attached to my feet, I could not move anymore literally and is just hoping that in the future I can be able too. After I had a considerable bones changes it had lead to a profound weakness.

I could not lift a quarter of water from the pail to flush the toilet so I was forced to renovate the toilet and to my surprise they didn't replace the old tiles considering that they are not the ones that are spending money for it but that is another story.

That is the problem, one of the many problems that I encounter now in my life because I can't get something done even though I have the power to do it.

Anyway my disability that really came to me by surprise as I was even surprised seeing my self in front of the mirror again because I am not used to look myself in the mirror after bathing and such and was shocked after seeing myself like I was put into someone's body.

Little that I knew that I was suffering from a rare condition that is called "Leontiasis Ossea" which is a bone complication in the facial area plus the backbone as well brought about by imbalances of my phosphorus levels for an extended period of time.

It is quite a little too late to treat it but I was treating it now because I do not want to suffer from pain so I just have to endure the nasty side-effects of the drug that I am taking for it not to mention the burn in my pocket in the process.

Anyway my social life just went downhill because nobody wants to even make friends with the likes of me considering the fact that I am a needy person which I am fortunate that at least I am able to sustain myself by steeming here at the #steem #steemit platform. So maybe that is why people just wants to distance away from me plus of course my physical disposition because I could not really do other people does and now I am stuck here inside my little world with only Internet connection that some=how is softening the blow of life against me.

So I wished that I had met more potential friends out there, the best friend that I had never gained, maybe the spouse that got left hanging and met somebody else or left to stay old because her soul mate had gotten sick with sandwiches of health complications, I wonder how she is doing right now?

Yes of course there is more that I missed in life but I am still hopeful that maybe in the future I will say that I am wrong and that I can get to accomplish my health goals, go into a physical therapy and enjoy the simple things that I had enjoyed doing before, my cookery, my shooting practices, maybe hunting someplace or camping out, or just enjoying the feeling of a pain-free normal life.

Now we have to realize that living without any illness and eating well is just a bliss already, it is already a blessing that we have to be grateful for because there are people out there (like) could not enjoy life, having a lower quality of life than I guess all people in the world in my experience. So it is just better to be thankful if you are not sick while I myself is thankful with what was left for me to enjoy.


I Am Still Grateful With STEEM Beside Me And God's Grace Upon Me



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