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I Feel Like Vomiting

I Feel like I wanted to vomit this early morning and every night for that matter, it is because of the nasty nauseating side-effect of my medicine, my Cinacalcet which I am just taking once a day because of the said side-effect. That is why I am trying to combat it with eating fruits but tonight was different as the grapes that my mother had bought for me provided no improvement.

So I kept on getting hiccups and this feeling of fullness. My extra fluids in my body doesn't help as well, it adds to the feeling of fullness. I am just glad that I am not that breathless but it is the eve of my dialysis so I am thankful that sooun I will get my needed relief.


Everyday Is Not Okay Until I Get To Graduate From Taking My Cinacalcet

But it feels like an eternity with this kind of discomfort and suffering that I am experiencing because if you have nausea and feeling of fullness you really could not eat. So most of my time is just like pointless because I kept on waiting for the day to come to an end so that I will get to my dialysis which gives me a temporary relief until I take my Cinacalcetr again.

So I feel like I am in a Chemotherapy and I know that soon enough one of my organs would fail. I am certain with that until some kind of medical intervention happens or a miracle from God is delivered by one of his angels. I am really fed-out from this life, it is not enjoyable anymore although I haven't enjoyed much of my stay here on earth and it is a tragedy considering we only have one chance to live here in this world and all I got was a lousy life.


It Is Pointless To Worry But I Have All The Reasons In The World To Worry About

You can imagine my situation and condition, wherever I would go there is a barrier, from eating to even walkking from my bed I could not do without any restrictions and even my breathing is restricted which is why I am planning to buy those oxygen machine that could very well make me feel better especially during my dialysis where I needed oxygen most of the time.

Yes it is a good plan but those are expensive ones but I guess the oxygen machines are now essential for my health needs so it is on the table now and God-willing I could get one so that I could use it in times that I am laboring in my breathing after I had some excessive fluid intake.

portable oxygen.PNG

I Could Use One Of This Portable Oxygen Machines To Make Me Feel Better

I still have a lot to do in my health issues particularly but I do not have much funds for them and is really worrying about my saved funds depleting without getting replaced because of my current expenses for my Parathyroid and phosphorus management. It is just a God-sent thing that I could earn from steem and that is definitely a miracle in itself because without this source of income I am done for already many months ago. So I thank the steem community because of the great help that I am getting from steemians in the background that care and understands my health concerns, troubles, issues, complications, disabilities, worries, and all the things that makes me feel troubled deep down to my brittle bones..


I Really Wanted To Graduate Already Because Of This Crappy Life


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It is just a God-sent thing that I could earn from steem and that is definitely a miracle in itself because without this source of income I am done for already many months ago.

So if you are going to claim this, I think it only appropriate that as one of your followers for a while now, I inquire as to why your actual account activity does not reflect this. You just seem to be soaking up steem, which there is nothing wrong with on its own, but you are obviously not using steem to support yourself. So the claims you are making about supporting yourself and fulfilling your medical needs via steem is misleading. In light of this, as a top 10 author on STEEM, how would you be "done for" financially or even physically without steem if you haven't actually sold or transferred much in over a year?

Screen Shot 20191030 at 12.43.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 20191030 at 12.43.27 PM.png

I sold some when steem and sbd it is still valuable, that money plus the current funds that I have is what I am using for my immediate medical needs.
I am collecting more steem because I wanted to get the necessary surgery to correct my medical ailments and the current total value of my steem and sbd is not enough to cover those pre-surgery clearance tests, the actual, and the post-surgical medications and tests. I do not want to go ahead for those surgeries and fund myself not being to sustain.

Do you think had I not gotten myself treated for my hyperparathyroid that I will survive this day?

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Do you think had I not gotten myself treated for my hyperparathyroid that I will survive this day?

I'm not drawing any conclusions, I'm just making an inquiry because you write as if you have an immediate need for funds, but in reality you say you are saving for surgeries. As a #7 ranked author that now draws autovotes for multiple posts per day from a bot that comprises of anywhere between 40-60% of your total rewards, you will only get more scrutiny from here. I would suggest that you adjust your messaging to remove any doubt if you are saving for a future need, rather than creating the impression there is an immediate short-term need for financial relief.

Brother Crypt you do not have to explain yourself at all. We all know.

But some People and their empathy or lack there of it :(

Yes Thank you Sir @robertandrew I always appreciate your support and sympathy for my situation, cause, and goals, May God bless you.

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

It's a shared reward pool, he should explain himself to the community if asked, and obviously he knows that. If you could see past your own blind empathy, you'd understand I'm actually trying to help him get his messaging in line with his actions. This will only help him going forward, because as I said before, he will only invite more scrutiny as a top author on steem.

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