I'm hoping to realize my goals and plans before I will get to the point of being worriedly alarmed

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You can't be much more lucky if for certain you will get your target and only doing some waiting time is required before you will be able to touch and feel it.

I've been working day and night as a content creator in this kind of niche which is physically and mentally befitting me and I guess that I can say that I am quite overworked because I chose to do it my way and that is an everyday affair and not stopping except for instances that I cannot do it because I am confined in a hospital like what happened last year where I suffered an episode of mental distress brought by side-effect of the I.V. anesthesia and so I was not able to post where after going home from the hospital I have to rest because I am still not very well to return to my usual work in these blogging platforms which I love to do but not really delivering more than I could because again I can only offer much to the world. But regardless of my shortcomings as a content creator I was able to pull it off almost nonstop for seven years. Well, it is quite a feat because not all people can do such prolific writing because I guess that I had gone accustomed in doing it and the love for writing my world plus the incentives and rewards that I receive are truly the things that motivates me for the reason that I have goals in my life that I wanted to become a reality. I am one of the lucky few people to benefit with this kind of I should say "work" (because of a regular basis that I have to do it) all because of again, rewards that I can never earn if I would just be an employee to some business out in the "real" world. For one thing I do not want to be just an employee if it so happens that I am physically fit because life is short and I have to get ready financially and so because of that I was planning to do a business of my own. However that former plan of mine had been long disappeared because of what happened to my body even before I planned about my future for the reason that my fate was already sealed the moment that I was born and to think that I wasn't able to "reach the first base" had put me in sadness and frustration and the feeling of guilt because of the effects on my family.



The sense of fulfillment and joy in being a written blog content creator is one of the greatest gifts that God gave me in which I benefit from financially which I obviously enjoy which also have a chance in making it bigger regardless of the ROI.

However, the tides had turned into my favor with regards to reaching what I wanted to happen which is to earn despite that I am only staying at home and yet being productive because of the emergence of the blockchain social media which I was able to join in the perfect time during its heydays where many users of the OG social media platform (Steemit) was able to enjoy high prices where some people got moved to organize and help people which eventually went to screeching halt when the prices went so down considerably that it is not more feasible to sustain their own initiative anymore. But had been the price of STEEM token stayed in those high prices, then I guess that it will also make some users if not most of them begin to get empowered again to help people in their communities or whatever their projects are aiming to do. I am actually benefited from that and in turn I was able to build a "stable" stake which I now use to get benefits from and it is now my bread and butter until I am able to make it more bigger and better and set-me up for doing well even in the times that cryptocurrency prices goes down and down like in the time of this writing had been going on because of the relatively flat Bitcoin price movement. So one of my goals as a content creator is to more than double my stake in this game of blockchain social media so that I can enjoy more benefits where I can get more empowerment to help myself and the people around me because even though I am earning quite substantially although I am very thankful and much appreciative about it, it is not enough for me for the reason that I am still not able to afford all of my medical needs so that I can improve more of my well-being especially my goal to solve my current health problems like my low body weight and appetite issues which needs a lasting solution and it really needs a proper funding which at this point I am not able to do because of its high expense.



Most of the time financially empowered people will stoke the fire of the greed, but still there are many people will make themselves do some charitable and other good deeds.

Earning more is an utmost importance particularly in my case because I am more than sure that people around me will never even lift a finger to help me with my expenses. For the past few years I am only the one because of the mercy of the Lord God on my soul in supporting myself financially for my own survival because I am telling you, even if a person is so much helpful and would assist me around, they will soon get tired of doing that because of the unrelenting needs that I have to patch-up. That is why I am thanking God that I am able to crawl my way in surviving without bothering people around me although my own mother would try to do whatever she can to support my financial needs which I am telling her to stop because she doesn't need to do it anymore because of her age and getting risks when she ventures outside to submit some pertinent documents to Politicians for her financial requests which I also tell her that if she would get the financial grant that she just use it for herself although sometimes my father takes it with a reason about maintaining the car. Anyhow, my goal too is to be really financially stable a free in greater magnitude because I want to make sure that I will be able to support my parent's health needs particularly when medical emergencies happens because it is really tough for the pockets to solve any medical issues because essentially anything that will make you enter the hospital is requiring lots of money where sometimes you cannot afford to go to government hospital because of inconveniences that you will have to undergo just to get treated but compared in getting treated by a private doctor in the private hospital "breaks your bank" but will fix you up comfortably and fast. That is one of my bog concern which is why I wanted to get more empowered financially so that any more problems which can arise especially now that my parents are older, I just want to solve things efficiently, fast, and more effectively.

I only rely and trust God for anything that I want to happen in my life and thankfully Bitcoin is here to be my major instrument to make my goals as reachable as the knob of my room's door. I am thankful to God that I am lucky because I am a "walking story" of triumph in life despite of many odds are against me and yet I am at least surviving with a chance of making it big in life although not all of my plans and goals are reachable I am already thankful on what I will end-up to especially with Bitcoin as my instrument.



Bitcoin is my one major way in making it big in life so that I can be able to solve my more than big problems away and it only takes a little patience before your patience will reward you with dividends and that is how bitcoin pays.



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