I have to cope with my food restrictions for preventing the side-effects which are additional medical afflictions

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My diet is not based on all-out food ban but is more like "eat-stop eating" system based on laboratory test results for certain substances like Phosphorus, magnesium, etc. Where in reality, it is just better to restrict myself from consuming them anyway as a single meal can already change the situation in my body's balance.

I never looked at food now the same way when there are not much restrictions for me to consume them. It is because I am aware now of what food will be bad for me and what will be good. Essentially all foods for me is ok to eat but what happens now is that it is very easy to "overdose" myself with food because of the components of foods inside it. Like for example I can eat an egg or a few eggs but I will have to mind the phosphorus contents of the egg in particular. A few years ago I was having hard-boiled eggs prior to my dialysis but maybe I was only consuming about ten eggs per week and that for me is substantially a lot. The reason for me in consuming eggs is that it is nutritious and it is very easy to eat and I must have some protein so that my body or resistance would not get worse. However my skin just itches a lot when I was using eggs for me almost daily diet. It seems that for sure my calcium intake could not possibly bind with the natural phosphorus content of the eggs considering that I am using a lot of calcium in my daily diet. If I was having a better quality dialysis treatment and pairing it with a better phosphate binder (Phosphate binder not containing Calcium) in which calcium carbonate also binds with in order for the intestines not to absorb phosphorus to prevent hyperphosphatemia, then my diet of eggs daily might be ok. However as per my experience i was already overdosing myself with phosphorus because of the incorporation of egg in my diet in my attempt to naturally gain some body mass and it just failed because the conditions are not met i.e., not a good dialysis quality and lack of the amount of phosphate binders when I eat my meals with eggs added.



Delicious food groups like dairy products, nuts and beans, and internal organ meats are high in phosphorus and although I can still eat them it is is just highly restricted with the amounts lest I will have an imbalance of Phosphorus in my system and further cause trouble for my bones.

High amounts of phosphorus in my blood caused by merely eating eggs as my protein source had gave me the unpleasant effect of skin itching which I noticed after a while during my diet with eggs. I had made me to think that I have to sacrifice eating eggs because of its undesirable effects from which it will exacerbate my hyperparathyroidism which had lead to the weakening of my bones and thus it changed my physical appearance and stature because of the onset of Leontiasis Ossea. I have to mention those series of cause and effect everytime because a basic imbalance of nutrients like lacking or overabundance of these substances in our bodies will in long-term affects us and my body is a flying evidence of that. The same happens when toxins are introduced daily or regularly in our bodies, I am talking about artificial additives contained in processed foods and drinks which is why cancer and other body ailments occurs not to mention diseases which causes imbalances in our bodies like consuming high sugar and high fat foodstuffs not to mention that they are also chemically-laden foods will definitely make our internal organs to conk-out like our heart and liver. But in my peculiar health situation I am easily overdosed with such substances a natural food contains and what more if the said "food" has chemicals in it? Then I will just be collecting garbage and chemicals which will soon cause my early demise although in my sector of patient type or group, I am way overdue of not existing already. Maybe it is due to my awareness of what I should eat because I am not fond of eating processed foods or if any I seldom eat them and in small quantities too.



People must realize that food additives which processed and ultra-processed foods that we see from the supermarket shelves are also giving us risks of developing diseases as even genetically modified foods are now lacking in nutrients and tastes as companies that made them are just emphasizing on looks and size but not in the way a natural tomato should taste for example.

Aside from the blessing of extra years of life gifted to me by God, I know that really what a person eats really will pave a way on how long with better health he/she will live because I know that we all can live to a ripe old age without crippling diseases if we just take care of what we consume in a daily basis as an emphasis, living an active lifestyle both in body and mind, in a much living environment free of much pollution as the quality of air also is a big factor about the well-being of a person as it can either cause diseases or make a person feel better if the oxygen content of the surroundings is relatively higher because the area has more trees and plants. So I can conclude that if the factors are perfect, then a person can live with more quality and quantity of life respectively, again without much or non-existing health issues whatsoever.



Being in the best living condition away from notable pollution, good diet, and active lifestyle for the body and mind, then it pays a lot because of the way we are proactively preventing illnesses which is better compared to having an access with the best medical technology but our lifestyle is bad, then it will still not be a good thing for our overall well-being.

Again for my unfortunate situation as a dialysis patient, I am forced to control what goes into my mouth due to the basic nutrients from simple foods turning into toxic state either from the metabolites of a normal body process with or without eating to a big dose which in short to long-term can kill me. For example if I am eating so much fruits and vegetables, then I will develop a high amount of Potassium in my system which can cause my heart to stop. The high elevation of phosphorus as I already discussed from the above paragraph had turned my life for the worst to which I am now having a hard time in managing the physical side-effect in my body. I also have a natural food sensitivity for consuming dairy products aside from the high phosphorus amount it has and so I long forgotten to ever consume dairy products because I also can't digest it unlike my other family members except my mother which is also lactose-intolerant. You can say that I am depressed about how I treat food anymore because I have to mind what I eat and how much certain foods that I can consume even with the right factors present but I really do not mind it all if only I have a better appetite to eat in the first place, then after that it will be a joy to eat like my mother contended and enjoying eating simple dishes which for me is a chore to eat already because of my current condition that I doubt will ever change for the better.



We have to realize the value of food because not all good-looking and good tasting foods are good for our general health which will define how our bodies will end-up based on what we eat alone. I already had been dealing with my own food consumption which is way more stricter than ever for the reason that limited capacity and other factors which if I ignore managing will affect me faster and with a vengeance and now it had become a lifestyle not really o my liking but for the betterment of this kind of body I have now.



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