BTC had given us unlimited chances in life but we still need to strive to make better with our lives

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Bitcoin had given us a leveled playing field in achieving a newer lease in life and it will be just a gamble if things around us will not get right.

It sucks for having a brother that do not share the same optimism when BTC was just 5 cents after discovering it from the Piratebay's website as a donation box for its operations way back while I was just starting to explore the Internet with free VPN service which I came across from a local forum here in my country searching for free ways to connect to then "slow" internet. I only have a "USB dongle modem" to which I have to acquire a certain IP and later have to subscribe for a "prepaid plan" from the service provider in order to connect for a longer time. After upgrading to a "hacked modem" way of Internet connection which only lasted for a little bit of time plus the hassle of maintaining its connection, I finally moved into using a legal wired Internet connection. That is after I was able to earn some money from almost doing the same type of hobby/work like what I am doing in my blockchain social media which is "social blogging" as we call it back then which finally came to an abrupt end because of unsustainability issues but at least I profited from it with roughly some couple of thousand dollars. this was before cryptocurrencies had been very popular until BTC appeared in one of the threads on the topics about how to make money from the Internet and such money-making ventures where most of it are scams, Ponzi schemes, and those "Ad-click" businesses where the only winners are the owners. I dove into these scheme because I am already in panic mode because there isn't anymore with my physical capacity to make money as I was already a dialysis patient at that time while the medical expenses are not really going down but up, I just needed to earn better which I thought that I was already doing with my former hobby/work of social blogging before blockchain social media came, that is to my knowledge way back from 2013 to 2014.



The constant worry and fear where to source an income to patch-up my financial obligations prompted me to naïvely join former ways to earn money which only ate my money before discovering the power of blockchain social media in uplifting the lives of people like me but with a stroke of luck in my case.

But to my shock, that "good thing" as I sad came to an end and I got exposed anywhere from click-ads where they are a scam, other scam or Ponzi schemes even "cloud-mining services" where little that I knew was not that easy and will never be sustainable which I lost a pretty some of money from. I never went back until I learned that Steem social media was discussed by one of the "cloud-miners" in the chat which gave me the reason to try considering that I have a good amount of experience on how to do it the right way. Later I was able to join in the best moment and the rest is history in the making.



For whatever cryptos that I have now I am holding them tight and waiting for that sweet moment when the prices are just right.

Regarding my brother not paying attention to BTC because of his lack of belief from it reaching at least some greater value, he still didn't try even in investing to other cryptocurrencies like Altcoins. Well for that particular option I guess that it could had been better if he did held his interest out because back then it was a "wilder west" of cryptos where most of those cryptos are already gone. But when I first mentioned BTC to my brother, Bitcoin is still being able to get mined in laptops and PCs. So in the hope that he will take a look at it for possibly mining BTC with his "powerful" PC that he uses in his office from his work, my short suggestion came in and then out from his ears nor he did replied to me about it. Later, I saw BTC went from $190, to $210, then 350, 750 to $20k and I held on to what little BTC I had even after it reached to the price of around $69K in Binance because I know that the fundamental factor of BTC's price will set it up to an almost unimaginable prices. If I sold in those former all-time high for BTC, I might have a better house with maybe a little cash compared to what I will be getting in the near future with a much better house, lots of money and still having some BTC to buy some of my favorite Altcoin (STEEM) which is one of my major bread and butter all these times considering that I did sold some of it as well as BTC all because of my continuous need to sustain my medical bills, my government health insurance, especially my former emergency need to take out my already burst appendix out from my belly and the later need last year of April 2023 to fix my already aching arteriovenous fistula's problem of a pseudo-aneurism issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. So without my ability to earn money via cryptocurrency like STEEM in particular and the mercy of God to my soul, all these problems had already taken my life. But due to this rather gift from God, I was able to survive until now despite what happened before in my journey into the cryptocurrency space.



Cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin and STEEM had solved my medical worries and if not for their power to patch me up from my former emergency needs, I could have been long dead by now and not have told these stories.

Regardless that any of my family didn't gave BTC a second look, they will or might receive the benefits from it somehow unless they will not get interested about it anymore regardless of the price or value of BTC especially after the next Bitcoin halving where definitely, if the world didn't suffer a nuclear war, will enjoy my rather "heirloom of a lifetime" because if the sheer amount of value of BTC in those future times after my time if I happen to not be around any longer before the next halving of BTC occurs due to my sensitive health issue which I believe will turn "south" at any moment because really, I am just living in a borrowed time and I am just long overdue to vanish of not from the grace and mercy of God. But for me if I had reached this milestone of a longevity, I believe that I can last for some more years, particularly that I was able to raise my quality of life with God's help and mercy on my soul. Well at least I believe also that financially I am in a more better financial position compared to other people because of crypto which is why I am not depressed but rather having an optimistic point of view for mine and my parents future along with my immediate family. But of course it has a caveat, that all these financial security and achievements will just burn if the "volatile' behavior of super power nations in wanting to get an upper hand if not wiping the other or each other in the face of the earth would not abate, (which I believe also that they won't anyway ), then we could continuously enjoy living with cryptos like BTC and STEEM to help us battle this dynamic world where there is a mix of good and bad with more of the bad side than the good because of the ongoing hard times that again could very well end-up to "The struck of midnight" (WW3).



The horse still has the last laugh regarding in I personally striving to do using the power of cryptos, for all I know I am still existing today but all of the sudden I am no longer appearing because of the onset of a bad war that has been brewing. But I am cautiously optimistic that God himself would intervene, to rule this world in a thousand years what a magical era would that scenario humanity will be in.



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