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RE: Hard Fork Your Life (if the current “rules” suck, make new ones)

in #life4 years ago

It's scary as hell. Definitely was easier when I was younger. Still, you're only here once, it is fleeting so as you say, hard fork your life. Respect!
One tiny note, if I can make a suggestion to everyone who is considering hardforking their life, please please please include at least one habit that's good for the environment . If everyone does one thing together it will make a difference. =)


Its really a matter of mindfulness, if you can become aware of your thoughts then you can eventualy be in front of your thought process and actually choose that fork in the road that leads to a positive thought about your situation. But if you dont first become aware then you will always have your thought, infect it with intent and act before you even have a choice.

Very nicely put, although I must say mindfulness can be a double edged sword if not managed correctly

yeah like when you have the awareness but lack the will power to act on your desired intent rather than being hostage to the momentum your lag induce error in judgement from second guessing the intented message to have a tanjent occupying the same space in ordered time;realising your mistake and becoming sad?

one's mental fortitude is what makes mindfulness either a success or a failure.

True that, and the lack thereof multiplied or divided by the positive or negative perspective of one with or without the awareness can either be a nail in the coffin or resemble incredible luck haha

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