When you apologized

in life •  2 months ago

When you apologized, you knocked at my door and outside was almost overnight. At the same time as I opened the door I felt lost, I was really lost. I felt as if my ground was trembling because I had lost everything, I had lost my big love. Then you looked at me and started crying, you continued apologizing to one and the same and forgiving at the same time. I was silent, silently silent in me without a cry, without any pronounced sound. You were trying to take my cold hands and look at my green eyes that you fell in love with in order to establish that connection while I was almost gone. I did not manage to love you anymore as I did before. You told me you would do anything to get back time just to fix everything between us. You told me you were sorry you lost me and that you could have caused so much pain in me all this time. I looked at you and told you it was not enough, I told you that now I want more of my life, I told you I could never love you again as I used to do it I did once, as I loved you at first. I told you I'm sorry but I do not love you anymore. I told you maybe it was not just being, it's our time, the right time. You had your reasons for doing what you did, and then, at the same time, you were looking for your excuses on me. I had my reasons to react to that situation in the way I responded.


You have made your choice, and I have made my choices, which I am conscious and responsible even today. You eventually chose him and not me, because I did not give you any safety, because I could not give you any stability. You chose him, you chose him every day of your life, and it hurt me very hard. I've loved you so much, and you've deliberately left me. We had our reasons, then we took our choices that belong to us and we are responsible for them today. We were just two children who used to love each other, we were just two innocent children in the end. But these things for too long does not matter.

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One very nice one post. There were a lot of donations from your post. Especially the photos.