Cookbookwife #1 Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

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You can save a ton of money by making your own laundry soap and best of all it's easy and actually fun because you made it yourself. When I did the math, it averages around .20 per load. So grab your biggest stirring spoon and a 5 gallon plastic tub (because that's how much this recipe makes).

Here are your ingredients:


Pour your ingredients separately into layers into your plastic tub, this makes it easier to stir it all together once you have dumped it in your tub (also, I recommend wearing rubber gloves so you won't irritate your skin). Easy and your saving money!

I use 2 tablespoons per average load, 3 tablespoons for heavy soiled loads. You can also adjust this depending on how hard or soft your water is.

Below is a photo of all the ingredients in case your not familiar with them.


Good luck, stay clean and thanks for checking out my post!
More recipes and money saving ideas coming!

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Good post cookbookwife. Will try this , I think it will supply me for about a year.


thanks!! Its better than anything you buy at the store. : )