The Dreaded Cover Letter -- Check out My CV for a Community Health Inspector Position -- Will I get the J.O.B.??

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To whom it may concern:

As an Environmental Public Health graduate from The Ohio State University, I am qualified by a unique blend of qualifications pertaining to academic competences, field experiences as well as data and laboratory analytics necessary to showcase success as a community health inspector. Originally from Troy, this position becomes of heightened interest to me because I have always devoted myself to make a lasting impression on my community’s overall health and well-being.

Working as a Sanitarian would provide me with the opportunity to further my career and knowledge of the vast array and multidisciplinary field of public health. The field of public health is ever-changing, so it remains pertinent to stay up to date on policy changes and environmental health protocols impacting our population’s health. Environmental health has always been of concern to me; I want to indulge in this particular area of study because our society is readily impacted by our work environments and everyday surroundings. As a Sanitarian, I would be able to conduct, test, analyze and effectively communicate my findings in order to inform the general public of potential threats to their health.

Throughout my career as a scholar, I have conducted numerous research projects, field experiences, and academic inquiries pertaining to public health, specifically geared and emphasized toward the environmental health domain. As an undergraduate, I was provided the unique opportunity of working alongside some of the nation's top researchers and professors in the field. In doing so, I was able to conduct mock trials and outbreak investigations relating to foodborne outbreaks and environmental health risk assessments. For instance, I was able to work closely with Dr. Bill Miller, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Ohio State, on a selected Salmonella outbreak investigation at a local park in Columbus.

Throughout my career, I have taken on several diverse challenges and successfully proven my ability to deliver positive results in return. I would be absolutely enthralled to further discuss the possibility of doing the same as a Sanitarian at Miami County Public Health. I look forward to any potential opportunity that may be presented from this in order to help expand my knowledge and further my experience moving forward with a successful career in Public Health. I look forward to hearing back from Miami County Public Health in regard to this wonderful opportunity.

Kind regards,

Connor Super

Do you think this CV separates me from other applicants? Who thinks I have a solid chance at landing the J.O.B.??

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I think its maybe lengthy. You can shortly rewrite it..(totally my concern)


I thought the same thing, but then I gave it to my Uncle to review and he made things more organized and concise by still getting the points I wanted to make across.

We ended up adding another small paragraph in and wording was about the same for the most part... so long the CV doesn't exceed 500 words then I think I'm good. Mine was only 400 or so.... thanks for giving feedback, appreciate this my dude

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