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I’ve been trying to grow my bookcase for a little while now. I had a lot of time last semester, so I would go to the bookstore after class and purchase a few books per week to add to my collection. Many of the books I purchase are classified as “self-help” books. These kind of books are extremely useful for everyday life, providing useful tips, tricks, and techniques for varying attributes of life. Another genre I tend toward is “health and wellness.” I’m a big advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and many times I find reading these sorts of books extremely motivational and encouraging to keep pushing forward with my personal health goals.

Something very interesting occurred this semester that led me to receiving a ton of “free” books. Anytime these four letters- F R E E - appear, you know it’s something special. Not too many times are things free these days, so I obviously took full advantage of this opportunity. The department of medicine at my University was giving away a bunch of books to students, so I decided to fill boxes full of books to add to my collection.

I probably walked away with over $1,000 worth of quality public health materials. It’s just nice to have something to refer to if you ever come across something later on down the road. If so, maybe I will have a book I can access to find the information I need. I mean, there’s always the internet, but sometimes referring to the literature is a good feeling.

I guess now all I need to do is start reading again. I certainly have the resources to do so.

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Free books equals free knowledge and more human capital! I have to get back to making reading a part of my life as it has been difficult to balance these days! I am hoping that my upcoming vacation will give me some time to do so.

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Yessir!! Me too, I’d like to get back to reading again as I was avidly reading before I started working just months ago. Vacation is always a fantastic time to sit back, relax, and pop open a book!!

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