Transmuting Hate and Negativity into Bliss; Becoming a Metaphysical Alchemist.

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The Common Earth Man Who lives admist, is a part of, or relies upon, some aspect of modern day society, must, almost certainly, experience an ungodly amount of suffering.

If this is not his own suffering, he almost certainly will experience witnessing the suffering of another.

Furthermore, even if he is not a hateful being in and of himself, he will almost surely experience having hate projected upon him by another.

Because our Global society works as an energetic extraction mechanism - a slave colony of sorts - people are often left spiritually unfulfilled, because they have forgotten who they are at their spiritual core, and their energy is being extracted.

Because Negativity is so manifest in our experiences of society; It is thus of due importance that we Transcend negativity by transmuting this chaotic energy back into its true form as the life force energy that is the light of life.

What Is Negativity?

In the entirety of existence, there is but one energy: the energy of existence; existence energy.

All is energy, and all energy hath come from the same original source.

This energy, in its true form, is benevolent awareness; creative, existent energy.

In its true nature it is in order as the light of Life.

In its true essence, this energy is in accordance with itself.

When this energy strays from its natural state, as the light of awareness, this energy strays into unawareness.
This unawareness is a place of forgetting truth where we conceive illusion as real.

This is the life force energy in an unnatural or unreal state; also known as illusion or death.

This is the life force energy in a state of becoming less; Destruction.

This is negativity. It is also called "darkness" by some, as darkness the abscence of light.

It is a propegated illusion.

Negativity is this life force energy in a state of illusion.

Negativity comeths out of illusion; unawareness of truth.


Awareness of Truth IS Truth. Awareness of truth is awareness of being.

Awareness of truth is awareness of ones awareness.

Existence is awareness; thus death is unawareness; becoming less.

existence is consciousness, is the life force energy of isness.
existence energy is expansion energy; death is restriction of energy.

Negativity is a restricting of energy; restriction of energy through believing that that which is unreal is Truth.

Negativity and hate are a result of buying into F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal.

Negativity and hate are a result of buying into illusion.

That Illusion is that there is something to fear in the first place, which is an untrue belief, as when one knows themselves as Truth, they realize there is nothing to fear as they are an all powerful being; a being of all potential.

When We know Truth, we know it as something that we are.

When we know this truth, we realize that we are one with All , and share in the unlimited power of creation.

when we know this truth, we know it as the absolute truth of what is; existence energy.

We re-cognize our selves as one self of that which is The All which is all that is.

We thus cognize our power of pure potential when we realize that all is spirit and spirit is all potential, and we as sentient beings, are spirit; and thus are the power of all potential.

When we see ourselves as we truly are - as spirit- we properly cognize this as Truth.
We thus become this truth, and begin to ascend back into our position as one self of the most high, by evolving through dimensions.

Becoming metaphysical Alchemists.

" First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness
which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Earth.

Darkness and light are both of one nature,
different only in seeming,
for each arose from the source of all.
Darkness is disorder.
Light is Order.
Darkness transmuted is light of the Light.
This, my children, your purpose in being;
transmutation of darkness to light."

  • Thoth.

To be an alchemist is to take even that which has becometh unreal, illusion, and make it real again.
To transmute darkness into light.

It is to take negativity - metaphysical mercury - and transmute this unreal discord into Bliss - Spiritual Gold.

In doing this, we unfold a path for ourselves that is in accordance with the natural way of being:Harmony.

We Transmute that which is undesirable into that which is desirable.

As we transmute darkness into Light - we BEcome META-physical Alchemists.


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Much Love BeautyFull ~ <333 Thank you!

I agree we are all alchemists. I decided to check the metaphysical hashtag and your post is the only one there. Congrats!! You are making a difference.
Nice to meet you .. I follow you now.