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East London earlier today in pictures, March 18th 2018

in life •  10 months ago

Same here in Texas. It hardly ever snows (one day a year if we are lucky) but this year it snowed four times. Global Warming! I'm glad though winter is almost completely passed. I'm not fond of freezing weather!

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Jeez 4 times??? Am not a lover of the freezin cold either..thu its lovely at times. These old bones cant stand this now.
Is it too late to do something about global warming?


Right! Im not a fan of supercold weather... Especially moving back from Manila.... I don't enjoy being chilled to the bone as well!

Never too late, but then there are people set in their ways which makes recovery slow and difficult. Renewable Energy though is gaining traction though


Renewable energy sounds interesting..will read more on that one.