Sam and cars. A real love story!

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Next Saturday my husband Sjoerd and I will return to France. We have been here in the Netherlands for more than 6 weeks and have taken care of Sam a lot. We enjoyed it so much!

I have been so busy that I didn't write on Steemit for almost two weeks.

But now his parents have moved to their new home and although my daughter says it is still a mess, I think they did a great job and made a nice home for the three of them.

While we looked after Sam, we noticed that he loves cars. He can (baby) hours (let's say 15 minutes) stand on my couch watching the busy traffic on the road in front of our house. Because we live on the second floor, he can see the cars, buses, and bicycles from above. Especially buses make him very enthusiastic. He jumps up and down on the couch and calls: "bus, bus !!"

You can see him here while a bus is passing by on the street.

He likes all cars, even the small ones!


But the bigger the better:

Still a little bigger:

But it can be much bigger!

Today my daughter sent two photos of her Sam, sitting on a machine (Sam calls it 'auto') that the gardeners use.

"Look at his face", she wrote to me, he is so enthusiastic and he cried like a wounded lion when we took him off.

So the picture at the beginning of this story and the picture at the bottom of this post is Sam with the machine of his life, the ultimate machine for Sam.

It must be love !!


I wish you all a nice day,


awww......I love the way you set this up with the photos showing Sam with small cars to the huge ones. He's so adorable. I can't imagine how hard it will be for you to say bye bye for a while when you go back to France.

I hope you can visit him on skype or similar. He'll miss you terribly!

Thank you! I did it on purpose, I thought it would be nice to show all the cars he plays with, from small to very big. I certainly will miss him a lot, but we have facetime on WhatsApp so I can see him regularly.

Don't all little boys love cars? Mine did! Sam really enjoys that big one. Perhaps he will have to wait a few years before he can drive it?

Yes, like many boys he loves cars, especially red ones! He was totally possessed by the big one. He loved sitting on it!

What is it about boys and red cars? They all like red cars!

Lovely photos, my friend and the fact that Sam loves cars very much, can only please, because looking at how happy Sam is, we also feel joy for him and for his hobby, your grandson real man grows and let it bring him pleasure! Thank you Clio

Thank you @serkagan. We enjoy that he enjoys so much, seeing him play with the cars is so nice to see!

Le petit Sam va vous manquer si vous revenez en France!
Mais à mon avis, avec toute la pluie que nous avons eue, vous allez être bien occupés à désherber et vous n'aurez plus le temps de penser à rien!
Bon voyage et bon retour dans le Morvan.

I will certainly miss him a lot. But you are right, my neighbor already told me the weeds are growing so fast that all my time will be spent in the garden. I hope we will have a safe journey tomorrow and we are glad to be able to spend time in the Morvan, despite the rain!

Great pictures....Sam is a handsome little boy and he does indeed look so happy and excited especially on that big tractor. I am sure in future he will thank you for taking this fantastic pictures capturing all the good memories :)

I hope he will read this post someday! I think (like you) that he will love the pictures.

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I would like to invite you to our discord group

When you are there send me a message if you get lost! (My Discord name is the same as here on Steemit)

Thank you for your invitation. I don't use discord until now, but maybe in the future I will.'t let him drive!
Be careful.please

We won't, don't worry

They have electric cars he can drive.

I think his parents want him to wait until he is 18 years old. But who knows, he already clearly has a will of his own. (lol)

oh I got worried when i see him like this.

What a lovely enthusiastic kid!

Also a good opportunity to spend a lot of time with the kiddo. Next tim you will see him he will be bigger already! And yeah, as mentioned here, dont all boys love cars? ;)

He will certainly be bigger when I see him again in two months. But we have facetime so I can follow him a little bit when we are here in France.

nice photography

The tiny car, to the big tractor put a smile on my face.

He seems to have fun with both. How innocent and happy someone as young as him must be. :)

Sam will become a race car driver, someday. Love the photos.

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