The meat industry: A summary of the many Reasons to become Vegan.

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The meat industry: Many Reasons to become Vegan.


I´ve just finished 5 posts on different aspects of the meat industry and why it is a bad thing. There are three main aspects, making the meat industry a negative thing and those are:

The environmental impact, impacts on our health and the suffering of animals.

The environmental impact



The meat industry uses massive amounts of water both to feed the animals and for sanitary purposes. Soils go depleted 15 times faster if used for cattle farming, compared to growing crops. We cut down the amazonian rainforest to make room for more cattle, the meat of which is then exported to both US and EU!

Part 1- Meat industry and the Environmental destreuction

Your health

Lipids(fat) & Cancer risks



We are not carnivores, we are omnivores and can handle some meat from time to time. But when consuming meat at the level of US / EU citizens, we endanger our health. Animals produce many of the same metabolites as humans, causing us to reduce our own metabolism of certain fats and build up fat in the blood & around organs. When we eat sugar as well, we metabolite very little fat and the bad fats we get increased levels of, are directly involved in tumor metabolism. Carnivores like wolves, have much larger livers and lower stomach pH to handle meat digestion.

Part 2 chapter 1, Meat, Lipids and Cancer




The meat we can buy in regular supermarkets at low prices are containing different toxins. To mention a few, animals are fed glyphosate, arsenic and hormones that can pass to meat and dairy products. Both glyphosate and arsenic is carcinogenic and should not be consumed at all. Meat is treated with different chemicals, enzymes and colored with carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas.

Part 2 chapter 2: Meat and Dairy is toxic

Antibiotics & Bacteria



Studies of packed chicken meat found e.coli in 53% of the tested meat, 9 % which of where immune to some antibiotics. This is a rising problem, antibiotic resistant bacteria and all the pre emptive usage of antibiotics in the meat industry. There are even antibiotics to promote growth, and milk production in dairy cows.

Part 2 chapter 3: Meat is packed with antibiotics & bacteria

The industrialization of farming, Animal suffering



A very important aspect to never forget is the suffering animals we turn a blind eye to. Animals are not industry products and should live in their natural environment alongside their likes. Both living conditions, transports and slaughtering must be improved, we can let animals suffer for our taste buds, it is immoral!

The meat industry part 3: Animal suffering

Try a vegan life


As you can see, there are numerous reasons to go vegan, or simply not support the meat and dairy industry. The consumers must set higher demands on quality of products and animal life quality as well. Companies and corporations will not care about human & animal well being so we have to demand the change ourselves.

Thanks for checking my posts out, much appreciated!



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I agree, going plant-based is better for health and environment. Thanks for the informative posts. Learned a lot and more conscious of my decisions now.

I am glad to hear that and thanks for reading :)

You stated "We are not carnivores, we are omnivores". Well that is not actually true!

If you do the research into our teeth and digestive system you will learn that humans are frugivores.

Check this image out to see for yourself.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yeah i have seen it along with comparison of digestive tracts, pH values in stomachs etc. We sure are not grass or meat eaters, seen on our enzymatic profile and liver size. I agree that many traits are similar to those of frugivores, as well as omnivores. Frugivore is just a specialized omnivore pretty much so yeah, eat fruits that is good :) not meat!

It is all in the post on lipids and cancer, if you want to read more about it!

ok cool, will read that as well ;-)

I don't believe a frugivore is a specialized omnivore, my dog does not look like a monkey. Love the message you are putting out about meat and diary being bad for our health, which I agree is correct. But we are definitely not omnivores based on our physical traits. 😀

  ·  last year (edited)

The article only argues that we are not carnivores :)
By the definition

Omnivore (/ˈɒmnɪvɔːr/) is a consumption classification for animals that have the capability to obtain chemical energy and nutrients from materials originating from plant and animal origin

We sure are omnivores, that has nothing to do with being a monkey or dog, both of which is omnivores :) Since they can digest both sources of food, chemically. Some monkeys hunt animals, some dogs live on fruit & vegan kibbles, it is just a matter of definition of the words, I used the one above :)


Ok cool I will have to disagree, 🐒 are generally considered to be fruit eaters, dogs are generally considered to be omnivores, these two types of animal are totally different and have different physical traits to cope with different types of food. Peace
And love

  ·  last year (edited)

You do not have to agree with the definition, but I have to use one :)
I think it is crystal clear and leaves no room for considerations hehe If the animals eat both plants and meat, naturally, and can digest both, it is an omnivore!

Monkeys are not frugivores. Some spices can be frugivores , one is even herbivoric, but most of them are omnivores. They eat lizards, insects & spiders, bird eggs, some even hunt larger game or eat other monkeys! This has only to do with biochemical digestion capacities, not physiology, as well as choice of food sources of course :)

The most common frugivores are birds, how does that relate to your definition based on physiology. It again , has nothing to do with this!

Pigs, birds, bears, dogs, lizards, tortoises, monkeys, humans, coyotes etc etc have only 1 thing common often, that is being omnivores :)

Definition of omnivore
: one that is omnivorous Bears and coyotes are omnivores.

Some birds are omnivores some carnivores some herbivores it has nothing to do with physiology.

But if you change the definition to omnivore = a certain physiological type, monkeys, then we are simply talking bout primates and their physiology in general, and we are at a very different type of classification!

Lets see what Cambridge thinks:

A few tortoise species, such as the redfoot tortoise, are omnivores, which means they eat everything!
an animal that is naturally able to eat both plants and meat


Lol 😀 chimps eat 50-90 % fruit in the wild depending on who you believe. They are supposedly the closest to us genetically.

Which in my eyes makes humans possible frugivores, not a typical omnivore that we have been taught all our lives.

Other considerations:

Humans cannot tear apart uncooked meat, babies crave fruit, we have a sweet tooth plus so many physical things that humans have adapted for and not adapted physically for digesting meat or digesting vegetables.

I feel like the argument about what people are "supposed" to eat is a dicey one. People can live off a lot of different diets with and without meat. All the other arguments you had for veganism are much more convincing in my opinion.

Yeah thats the good part, we don´t need meat and as long as it endangers our environment and as long as the animals suffer, we must stop to support the industry :) Thanks for reading!


did you take any of these pictures?

No I only make pictures of proteins and chemicals :)

Hi @clausewitz . nice blog friend I like it I followed you and upvoted you 👍

hey, thanks :)

i actually disagree a little, non-veg is good for health and it's a great source of protein too! if you see wildlife or any geographical channel, you will get to know that it's a part of food chain.
although i agree on the point of over-exploitation and unhabitual environment for them!

  ·  last year (edited)

Well if you read my posts you might come to see that meat is also very dangerous for the health :)
It is not a part of the food chain for herbivores, and only sometimes for omnivores like humans.
Proteins must be broken down and rebuild to human proteins, that is not a efficient way or good protein source for that matter, eat fibers and let your E.coli produce the amino acids you need and eat vegetarian proteins, they are easier to digest :)
If you where to build a house, you by planks, not ready made houses, brake them down and reconstruct into a new house!


I'm agree with you

Very informative post. Thanks for your best information

Clausewitz, seriously your write-up made an impact towards animal farming but I want to let my view known to you; You brought to our notice that vegetables should be subtituted or tried.
Here are my own point or view;
Firstly, this vegetables are been preserved with chemicals of which some are harmful to health, some shop-bought foodstuffs contain phosphate additives which enhance their taste and texture but the surphus amount of these preservatives can lead to kidney problems and even phosphates added to increase the taste of some food stuffs can lead to early aging.

Secondly, remember that even the plants and vegetables need nutrient(manure) to survive and this is got from animal faeces thus making animal rearing imposible for adequate plant growth.
Note: fertilizers have side effects on the soil and its inorganic thus it doesnt give plant the required nutrients

I have many more points but I will pause here...but I must commend your wonderful write-up, you almost changed my view on animal meat.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for the input, we do not need all the fertilizers if we use more land for growing crops, more land means less pressure on the soils and we can let soils rest. Today we use so little soil for growing and so much for cattle, thats the whole problem and cattle depletes soils 15 times faster then growing crops does :)

Yeah i mention in one of the posts, that we should never eat GMO sprayed with roundup, one should always go with ecological alternatives and put pressure on the industry to change.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Very nice, thanks :)

Nice blog dear

Thanks :)

Estoy de acuerdo con muchas cosas que dices, la carne en exceso termina siendo nociva para la salud... habría que buscar sustitutos para esta proteína como los granos... la información esta muy buena, gracias!

Gracias :)


Did you cover Monoatomic gold? I was wanting to do some tests but I'm fresh out of beakers. They actually sell the stuff.

Hrm I´ve both studied and used nano particles and self assembled nano shapes of gold but never monoatomic. I might soon, just finishing a few other articles :)

I thought that would spark your interest. The Egyptians would somehow make a powder using gold and frankincense, bake it into bread and feed it to the pharaoh. It was important enough to them to depict on Granite so there might be something to it. The monoatomic atom looks like parts of DNA , My sources are from YouTube so ---? Then again this could be guarded knowledge. Taboo! :-O. Ps,,Your articles are the best.

Sounds interesting and I´ve heard about such fidings, both fine fine powder and strange substances ^^ I might look into it more after i finish the start of my vegan guide :)

Hope everything is great with you!

This is a great post. It is both informative and educational. Vegies are very good and natural sources of the neccessary nutrients we need to survive and some could be proteinous too. Soya bean is a good source if protein. Meat can be a good source of protein, but from the information you've given, they could be carcinogenic meaning that they can cause cancer and i guess too much of it can make you have a lot of cholesterol in your system which could be dangerous to ones health. I suppport being a Vegan. I am upvoting this one. Thanks for the great info.

Thanks for checking my work out, and yeah meat seem to be unsafe as a protein source and the fats do not help!

Vegan is the way :) Peace!

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