Home Tips #4 – Cleaning the Natural Way!

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It‘s time for a complete overhaul of our approach to cleaning our home. All those expensive cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap and even floor cleaners, can easily be replaced with natural, homemade products. So today we continue the series by sharing more hints and tips on how to do everyday chores in an inexpensive alternative natural way.

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The only requirement for this process is a damp cloth and some cream of tartar. Dip the damp cloth into the cream of tartar and rub it over the copper. Rinse it well and then polish the copper with a soft dry cloth.

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How do you detect dampness in a bed? Slip a small mirror between the sheets and leave it for a few minutes. Dampness in the bed will be indicated by a misty or blurred mirror. It is not advisable to sleep in a damp bed, so be sure to dry the bedding or change the sheets and blankets before going to sleep.


Homemade powdered dish detergent can be tricky. It depends on how hard or soft your water is and the temperature you use. Here is a recipe that works well for most people.

• 2 parts borax
• 2 parts washing soda
• 1 part citric acid
• 1 part salt

Mix the ingredients well and store them in an airtight container.
Place one 1 tbsp. in the soap dispenser of your dishwasher. Use vinegar in the rinse cycle. If you find that it doesn‘t work as well as you would like, add 2 - 3 drops of dishwashing liquid to your powder in the soap dispenser, just before starting the dishwasher.

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Put 2 tbsp. of borax into a 1- 1 ½ liter spray bottle.
Add 3 cups (710ml) of hot water and 4 tbsp. white vinegar to the mixture.
Shake the bottle well to combine the ingredients, and you are good to go.

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Pour 65ml of baking soda and 85ml of vinegar down the drain. Cover the drain until all the bubbling stops. Now you can pour boiling water down the drain to rinse away the grease and dirt.

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(photos from Pixabay)

I am offering a safe and natural alternative to conventional treatment, but these recipes, ideas and treatment should not be misconstrued or substituted for medical advice. Please always proceed with caution and test it first on a small area, or in small quantities, if you are uncertain. Should you suspect that you or your animal have a medical problem, I urge you to seek professional advice.

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Nice informative and organic way of cleaning!


thanks @adam-aj, yes I prefer these its also cheaper on the pocket!

I've been doing the dish mix for a long while, it's saved me a ton on not having to buy expensive detergent. Same thing for the drain cleaner, it's a really easy and effective solution instead of buying harsh chemicals.

Thank you for sharing, these are seriously easy tricks for cleaning stuff that I'm sure will come in handy for others ^^


so nice see others also using these inexpensive and less harmful ways of cleaning. Thanks for the comment @sigilmancy

These are some great advises! I love the one on drain cleaner. Will try it and hope it will work.

BTW: Do you maybe have any tips to refresh cushions? You know the ones that you can't put in the washing machine but still want them to smell nicely :)


I will check for and get to asap @delishtreats, thanks for visting

There are some awesome tips here, especially the drain cleaner. Thanks heaps for this!!


you are most welcome and thanks for stopping by @steveblucher, if you follow me then you wont miss out on any other tips I am going to share! lol


After seeing Home Tips #5, followed. Thanks!!


thank you very much @steveblusher

I never knew about the cream of tartar and copper. I hope I remember this when its time to clean. I use a mixture of dish soap and vinegar to clean my shower by adding equal parts to a spray bottle. I use the magic eraser on it and my shower stays looking new. I like your tips and I will be following your posts. )


Thanks for visiting @hezziebees, I had a little book where I wrote it all down because its hard to remember all the tips. Today I am about ready to published this little compilaition called "The Little Book of Everything". I personally try to use all natural products because its definitely cheaper and better for us as well the environment.