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A little over 12 months ago I stumbled over a new print on demand program, which allows 'work from home' entrepreneurs with only very basic graphic designs skills, to create simple designs and sell them on t-shirts through

The crazy thing about this program is that as a member, you get access to all of's customer for free. There is no charge!

Meet the world changing Merch by Amazon.

Merch by Amazon was initially designed for app developers who wished to have some ‘merch’ like t-shirts to sell to the users of their Amazon mobile games. But the good news is that invitations to this new program are open to everyone.

The concept is simple. You upload a t-shirt design to Amazon’s Merch by Amazon platform. You choose the price, colours and sizes you want it to be available in.

Once Amazon has approved it, the t-shirt is listed for sale on, a process that usually takes no more than a few hours.

When a t-shirt is sold, Amazon takes a black t-shirt from its warehouse, prints the t-shirt with your design, and then posts this out with prime shipping to the customer.

If the cost of the t-shirt was 19.99 to buy, the t-shirt designer gets approx. $7 for every t-shirt sold.

There is no inventory to buy, no monthly fees to pay and Amazon takes care of all of the shipping and customer service. You get paid automatically once a month straight to your bank account.

Over the past year, entrepreneurs from all over the USA and overseas have been quietly designing art for these new print on demand t-shirts that Amazon is selling on its main website.

Here are some stories of successful Merch entrepreneurs:

  • Scaling a screen printing business to a large DTG business with 18 year old Trevor Snodgrass, and his advice for Merch entrepreneurs
  • A new side hustle, college photoshop classes and selling t-shirts on Redbubble with Tyler
  • Building lego, getting design help from his young daughter and using Printaura with Brian Slevin

At the beginning you are allowed to upload 10 t-shirt designs. You cannot upload any more until you sell at least 10 t-shirts.

After this you level up and Amazon will increase the number of designs you can upload.

So how much money can you expect to make?

In my first month on MBA I earned just over 40. In my second month on MBA I earned over $ 1400.

In October I made over 6542 dollars profit with MBA. And the numbers have continued to increase.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to do this.

This opportunity to upload designs for free to one of the biggest online stores in the world is available to everyone.

The type of designs that are successful cover a broad range. You are looking to build on niches that people are really passionate about. Some of my best t-shirts have been created for families, seasonal celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving and job professions.

Some successful t-shirts have complex design elements, but many t-shirts are just simple text that passions to the passions or sense of humor of the customer.

If you are looking to start a side hustle, or earn some extra money each month, creating designs for t-shirts and selling them on one of the biggest websites in the world is a great opportunity.

Learn more about selling t-shirts on Amazon by listening to the Merch Entrepreneur podcast.

You can also sign up for my free online training class.

Learn more about how to start your own t-shirt business with the online course here.

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