The important thing of belonging to the universe of Steemit

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A very successful greeting for everything that we do life and belong to the platform of steemit, in this opportunity I feel proud to be a part of this digital ecosystem, say to them for what, this digital ecosystem is like the set of services and requests of diverse nature that are provided from and across the networks of telecommunications, the set of infrastructures and associate services that enable the service of the above mentioned services, as well as the interaction between the lenders of services of different nature, who constitute the chain of value extended of services where the interaction with users and the use of a chain of blocks with a cryptocurrency called STEEM and SBD, it constitutes a new subject of analysis proper of this one.

Joined all, source image of pixabay

I will not be a whale, but if I am as all his set a link of this chain of block, to think about great adversity that we present in our platform we go forward, and more for the effort of all to take part and to vote for Steemit. Although they it do not believe this community it costs very much, more to already of university teacher, there are others experience of the life that makes us grow as persons, from comencé this trip in this platform, to share experiences, knowledge, happy moments, sadness, which strengthened more my knowledge is the interaction with other users, it does not matter of what part of the world it is, but they value your content, and learning can come from several approach or perspective, especially from my committed errors, stimulus to other to using hardware that improve his achievements, having wickedness of that they can take advantage of you, that's why it is correct to use the channels correctly, recódenos that we are in the digital age and this age is of the knowledge.

When we value and believe in something, sample more redeemed for it, and a confidence is born solidad the same happens in our universe steemit, we are in a moment that everything turns tendency, so much on a market, also it happens in a chain of block, as it is this platform, think it and analyze it, of equal form they happen with the cryptocurrency, if we show them confidence, this one becomes solid and much used for any other type of deals, for which not to trust in steem, as well as they trust, they correct ours contained, which has a value of weight, I believe and support occurred rarely to steem, as being a human being that the experience through that one lives, well is cultural, social, of language, experience, sides are not experienced in no other.

Let's be the positive people multiplicadora to have more success in our goals as community.
Give to me I ask with the following thought for all:

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