Oh No, my House is on Fire! Plus my Thoughts on Consumerist Holidays

in life •  4 months ago

Ok, probably shouldn't joke like that HOWEVER, check this dope decoration I recently bought? I love how it really gives off a fun flame-like & VIBRANT vibe. I will leave it up all year. Halloween is my favorite holiday anyway even though I stopped traditionally celebrating holidays because I think (actually, I KNOW for
fact) it's turned into massive consumerism and when people are fighting in stores over OBJECTS that we can't take with us when we depart this plane into the next dimension; I just can't partake.

I do send gifts to close friends and family but nothing too crazy. I can't stand consumerist holidays. And no workers should be forced to work 24 hour shifts so we can go buy bull shit crap for the holidays.

Hope you enjoy my new decoration. He's totally rad! Also please chime in on your thoughts regarding consumerist holidays.
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I love your pumpkin! Samhain (Halloween) is my favorite holiday, too. And I am also not into consumerism, in general. It's just ...ugh.
That being said, I do have a whole bin of just Halloween decorations. They make me happy. :)


They are so fun! Seems this one needs new batteries already its not as vibrant anymor (probably run it too much lol)

I don't buy into the whole consumerism stuff really. (mainly because I don't have kids - apart from my wife who can do a pretty good impersonation of a 12 year old)

When I buy gifts, it is for birthdays and such. And it is usually something useful for the recipient - like a pair of really good headphones for my wife. She has hearing issues so these really help her in her job as an interpreter.

But as for stocking up on plastic junk - not my cup of tea. I have enough plastic junk thank you.

We don't do Halloween, or most of the other hallmark holidays. I'll get my wife some flowers or take her out to dinner for valentines sometimes because we both like doing that. We also go out when it is not a holiday too.

I laugh when I go into the supermarket in January and the hot cross buns for Easter are already on the shelves. You really have to wonder at people's greed.


Yeah i do not buy many decorations. In fact this is my only halloween OR Christmas decoration. Lol. I like what you've said about nice things can be done anytime. That is how we operate as well. And, practical gifts are the best, they are actually MORE meaningful because it means you paid attention to the other person's needs

I've been seeing Halloween candy at corporate stores since June. They really rush the seasons. Summer goods are on clearance the first week of June to make room for back to school and Halloween. Christmas season starts in September. The day after Christmas begins Easter...

Although I generally don't like them, I don't really blame retailers. They're just taking advantage of demand. I blame consumers more. The masses are looking at the dollar sign above quality. That's why Wal-Mart is the most profitable retailer in the world, and McDonald's is the most profitable food service in the world. The average consumer is either oblivious or don't care about poor working conditions overseas.


I can't stand walmart their stuff is tacky knowing it comes from places where poor people work for pennies and have to sleep where they work is just great (detect the sarcasm. ) the people who shop at walmart are generally idiots and i can't stand them. (Look up the "people of walmart.)

But you mustn't forget VALENTINE'S. Like the day AFTER Christmas i've seen Valentine's shit up. For lets say the average consumer, who just spent their life savings on Christmas who wants to then buy Valentine's stuff?

Like i am not saying we shouldn't have holidays etc etc and market them. There are fun things about the holidays - just not the traffic, fighting over the last TV, and as you said rushing directly from one holiday to the next like CRAZY people

That's pretty cool! We often have a sort of "Day of the Dead" thing going, year around.

As for consumer holidays? Just say no. In this household, the reason for the season is not to engage in an explosion of consumption, but rather to make stuff and spend time with loved ones. And eat. Lots of good eats.