No FOOD, NO More!

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Imagine a fun little world where you spent six years in school for a lucrative a helpful job that you NOW can not use. That's what happened to me when I relocated back to be closer to my immediate family, just to have a NON HARMFUL clerical error ruin everything since 1/2/2019.

Yes that's one year and twenty one days ago of no job, but countless interviews and applications. Which meant no food and many other things. My mother lives very close by and does bring me meals which are highly appreciated.

Other normal for staples like bread, cereal, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats I never have! No fault of my own; I have applied to positions in and outside my career job. NO LUCK. Insane!

I waited so long to seek federal assistance because I have very bad anxiety and I was too anxious to try. I also kept assuming I would get a job as I've never had to go over a month without employment.

The market in my field in this town is oversaturated and that's the problem because of recently graduating classes of cheap new grads. But it doesn't matter. Conditions arent improving. I need basic food staples just like the next person.

Tuesday I waited in a very long line at the food stamp office just to find out by searching on my phone I didn't have anything they needed. The "friendly" front desk personnel could've told me this but much like most government run facilities, misinformation & lack of information abounds and employees are GENERALLY just not helpful.

Today I filled out the 14 page application.
Tomorrow I will visit the department of labor and print copies of my current bills and bank statement. Let's just say, it's so bad I should receive expedited stamps.

Then I'll go back to the food stamp office wait in an undoubtably long line and hope I have what they want. After that, my understanding is I'll receive a phone call for "counseling" of my situation and then hopefully receive the stamps soon thereafter.

After that I am shooting for unemployment which I heard is much harder to get. But 1yr & 21 days; eh, I think I've earned it. After all I spent 14 years paying taxes for others to get this benefit. MY TURN!

Wish me luck everyone! Anyone else ever been through these processes? Tedious and makes me feel a lot of anxiety. Also it's brought me to my knees; education or not I am going through this and it is what it is. I still will regularly job hunt.


Well, you already know my heart goes out to you for your situation and of course, I hope that you get the help you need. I worked in nonprofits a fair amount and the red tape is a hair-pulling experience.

Did you get a lawyer (even a state-appointed one?) to try to straighten out the paperwork mishap that happened when you first got here?

Wishing you the best.

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It was a lot of waiting but they were understaffed. However, with a minute or two of reviewing my application the lady said "looks to me like you qualify for expedited food stamps, do you want to get them today?" In my head, I was like DUH OF COURSE! i said yes pleasse! So i have six months of food stamps. Unemployment office next. Thanks for the nice tip @dswigle

...are you on twitter/telegram?

I won't go into details on here, and I'm not interested in employing you, but I've trained 2 or 300 people over this last 2 decades in web camming.

It's not for everyone, but you can nearly guarantee yourself 30 or 40 dollars a day income, minimum - up to 150 or $200, depending (on various factors).

I don't want paying to set you up/help you out, if you do want to try, I'm offering for free.
Only trying to help.
(to be honest - Most people give me a commission or one off payment once the money has started rolling in, as a 'thank you'.)

I'll leave this here and wait for the people who don't know what hunger is, to moralize on my offer to help!

Good luck anyway, in whatever you decide to do!

I am not a Twitter gal but I'm on discord under the same name i use here on Steemit. I have considered similar options but never seemed to be able to get them "off the ground" so to speak. Also on fb but would prefer discord PM if you have it.

I have considered similar options but never seemed to be able to get them "off the ground" so to speak.

I'll presume by that, that you mean you've never actually tried then? lol.
(it's very simple).
That parts the easy part - maximizing the profits is the learned skill, bit.
(among many other things)

I have a twitter accnt - never use it much, but you could DM me there.
If you DM me there, tell me your username on here, so as to avoid childish idiots playing games.
(I only set it up to send a meme in the steemit twitter feed) only takes 5 mins to do.


....the ball is in your court.

I truly haven't tried to neglect talking with you. I had two medical emergencies this week and feel lucky to be alive. So i wasn't playing games. :)
I just get really concerned regarding scams, etc. But if i had someone like yourself guiding me i would do better. And wouldn't take advantage either. About Twitter, i don't have a Twitter account, I'm on discord servers @chelsea88 nnot the same, but I'll check your Twitter out later.
Yes I know im old skool about Twitter, I'll reconsider joining . Thanks @lucylin

Shit, I hope your'e ok now?
( I have my girlfriends family coming down with flu - and we are in a ' high corona country'....not to worry).

As I said before, it's totally up to you, I'm not trying to 'sell' you anything, just trying to help someone out in a shit situation.

You can give me some dosh from your earnings - you will be self employed in charge of your own business.
I want you to take advantage of my 20 years experience, and if you wish to give me a 'thanks for helping out', that's cool to.

DM me on twitter once you've set it up. Twitter can be a good tool for you anyway, in this business. (depending on strategy).

You are based in the US?
If we go forwards, I'll have to do some research for your part of the world - but I wont bother until you get in touch via twatter.

Get healthy first!

edit - just did a NPC meme on twitter - so not sure i i'll get banned from that account! lolol.
No worries, I can set up another. DM me, and let me know.

So sorry your having to go through this and hope it goes as you hope and you are getting some assistance soon

Thanks for always being so supportive @tattoodjay. I qualified for expedited food stamps and that will help me a lot.

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