I think I Pretty Much Nailed It 😎

in life •  2 months ago

September 10th was my boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to make it extra special since he didn't have great one last year with the finding of Laura's body. I made the decorative ribbon on the islay whiskey with markers and paint markers.

The birthday pie is Maui Mango pie which I purchased at lunds and byerly. Boy, was it good!
Hard to get all the candles on there, let alone, lit....
We also made a late summer/ early fall visit to the Munsinger gardens. I was amazed how tall the sunflowers had gotten. (My BF is 5'9".)
We found some other pretty spots to grab a couple selfies. One had our favorite blue lace flower behind it. So lovely!
Found a nice color palette for an early fall look too.
We had lots of fun then went to eat sushi. Nom nom! I'm kind of a birthday person. If you get a chance to make your loved one feel special and loved, birthday or not, do it!

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Good looking cake and I dig those wavy candles. :-)


Thx they are fun but break kinda easily. :)

You look happy together, enjoy every moment as none can be taken for granted. You have worked very hard to get to this place, feeling at home in your home. I admire your courage and tenacity, all the best.


Thanks, lately i've been reflecting on what you've said here and just trying to bask in the sunlight of my success. It hasn't been easy, conversely life doesn't always have to be hard