Caturday! I made it!

in life •  6 months ago

As it is still Caturday in some parts of the Country, I am happy to announce that I have this cool caturday collage for you. Though why I am fretting is silly, considering, everyday is Caturday. =)

In no particular order, this collage features my cat, Spots enjoying her favorite beanbag.
Chillin' like a villain, which she is sometimes. Next is my neice mousy who can be quite cute when she wants to be.
Finally we got ole' King G (Orangey) who is living it up in his cardboard box throne.

Cats are the best. I plan to feature my work cat, Parker soon, aptly named from being found out in the freezing Minnesota winter as a kitten 15 something years ago. He was saved and now a happy old cat at the nursing home. Stay tuned for that....

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Spots doesn't want a photo, Mousy is definitely cute, but Ole' King G looks magestic. Nice collection of felines you got there!


The king thinks you are only stating the obvious 😉

Myriade is so sorry to say, the Spots you have in front of you is not the only one. I have cloned him in order to learn more about the inhabitants of this blue planet you call Earth but now I am filled with remorse. That is a new emotion for Myriade making her very very upset. What shall I do, I am not sure how to merge my Spots back with yours!


Is myriade playing some games with me?? I want my cat back! 🤬

All cuties. Mousy and Scary Mary could be twins.....



Haha! Very close their personalities might match a lot too. Mousy can be a bit um, hostile to the other cats

I'm so good to see me. Post a lot of posts.

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