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Before I start my usual rambling and if no one is going to say it the pun level of my title is so high even I am impressed with the fact that I came up with it, lol Where do I come up with this shit? I don't know myself, sometimes a stroke myself off with genius from time to time. I can't even read it without smirking to myself.

Anyways enough about me, let's get back to the actual meaning of the post. So I don't often frequent social media, my average exploits apart from steemit would be WhatsApp and that's about it which means the impact of certain trends shouldn't really reach me often.


Social media obligations

One trend I find hysterical is the I'm so blessed I bought a car post that is customary when you purchase a car. I only bring this up because I saw 2 in quick succession recently and I thought how funny it is people feel the urge to do it, like there is some sort of ultimate satisfaction you get from showcasing to everyone you've made a poor financial decision to put yourself in unnecessary debt.


What's stranger still is that everyone hypes you up and congratulate you further enforcing these bad habits. Its as if I posted a picture of myself shooting up heroin and everyone like awesome keep going bro, do it! Congrats on your first hit!


If you bought something within your means and it was a rational purchase by all means I undrstand you need it for work and other reasons to transport yourself, people and things cool. But why does it need to be this shower of public praise that you can? It's a normal thing, You don't have to post that you've never been to jail, or you take care of your kids either, you supposed to do that you low expecation ass having mother fucker! Bernie Mac Voice

I may be throwing salt but someone needs to add some flavour to this bland practice.

I am by no means being a salt bae and sprinkling hate seasoning on peoples achievements. I just don't think that thanking the most high or whatever deity you believe in for this amazing opportunity really fits the overall narrative. Prays had very little to do with you having your loan approved by a financial institution.

I just find it strange that the car purchase achievement warrants people running off at the mouth on how blessed you are. I can't understand how blessings have anything to do with the following

  • Leveraging your future income on a purchase that loses 45% of its value over the first two years.
  • Having to finance a purchase means you clearly overextending yourself
  • Having to take insurance since you have no means of repeating this purchase BECAUSE YOU'VE already overextended yourself
  • Shutting down a myriad of investment and business opportunities by wasting capital on a purchase you only use 4 hours a day at max

Constant weird flexing

I don't know if I am the weird one for doing the bath and thinking about it rationally but I see these new car posts as one of the weirdest flexes out there, for real. Lol, If I am, let me be the dumb one since ignorance is bliss.

If you don't know what a weird flex is, there's a meme-istration for you that gets me every time.


Have your say

Have anything to say on my latest rant? Am I bitter old shrew or is there method to my madness? Share your opinion with me in the comments and if you dont have anything nice or nasty to say? Comment on my memes!

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Hey bro have you made those memes thinking about my ex? 🤔

Joking apart, very nice post. I think that spending many years on social networks people have acquired a sort of prima donna instinct.

You have written about flexing for buying a new car and I perfectly understand you, because my feeds on mainstream social medias are flooded with photos of both current and past deluxe holidays.

It's not the exact the same thing, of course. But...why would you keep spamming the same photo every year? "Hey look at me, peasant! I was here!"


I don’t know anything about your ex but if she’s that memeable it’s better off that she is an ex!

Lol definitely social media gives everyone a little does of what it’s like to be a minor celebrity!

It seems so socially acceptable to weird flex that I feel like I’m the weird one for finding it weird! But then again mob rule isn’t always the best judge!

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Lol that weird flex meme was hilarious. I think sometimes people say, "I'm blessed" just because it's a neutral-positive statement finisher. I hardly ever say it, but when I personally do it's to avoid my ego inflating or because I'm trying to look on the bright side of what may be a good opportunity but a tough one. Example #1(ego): I win a prestigious award and have to give a speech. After I've thanked everyone, I need to finish my speech. I say, "I'm blessed" because it is humbling. It's like saying, "I'm lucky to have the positives I do in this life of which there are so many bad things going on and I should be grateful for anything I do have or get that is positive and never zone in on the negatives". Example #2(looking on the bright side): let's say I just got a promotion at work. More responsibility, I've become supervisor BUT pay is exactly the same. In my head, I'm pissed. I deserve more money (assume the company has the funds to give me more money). But everyone is congratulating me and it looks good on a resume so (let's assume again) in 5 years this experience will land me my dream job. Again, pissed, but as having to look n at that 10% of the situation of which is positive and could be 200% positive in 5 years, I'm left to say, "I'm blessed" when people congratulate me on the new position.

I have very little to brag about right now financially, temporarily, but gotta say if I had a car I'd share it to feel better about myself. But I totally understand what you're saying and a lot of those people aren't in dire straights like myself. And a lot of times those types of people make more money than they need working jobs that don't even define them that they hate. They take on all these responsibilities and then want the rest of us to empathize with them.


The humble brag in my opinion is worse than the standard one like if you’re going to brag own it man no half measures!

You make a good point Whoever said money was the real motivation for things never compared it to 2019 online social validation people would rather weird flex and be broke than actually do something actually flex worthy

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Lol kind of ironic. Just a bit ago I posted a super long post that could be perceived as a weird flex

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Lol I think we all find ourselves weird flexing from time to time I do it myself! It’s all about deprogramming yourself, I don’t mind doing normie things just try to be less of a sheeple!

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Big egos. No self esteem.
That’s whats up in the neighbourhood


Sorry for such a long response. Caught me at a talkative time earlier

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Validation! That’s all they do it for. People who don’t have a healthy sense of self worth get it by doing things like that.

Have to give you a shoutout for that post title tho! Made me smile big time!:P


Everyone’s just looking to strut in some shape or form, social media comments is clearly everyone’s DJ Khaled

Thanks 🙏 glad someone appreciated the work I put in to the title; when inspiration strikes steemit!

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Haha 😂😂😂
You bring a lot of laughter and smiles to many people’s days.
It never goes unnoticed Ché 🌟🌞

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