How To Learn Anything 10x Faster

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You’re going to spend thousands and thousands hours learning over the course of your life. What’s crazy is that despite the fact that we have all those hours sitting in the classroom, learning musical instruments, martial arts, business, language, whatever - no one teaches us how to optimize that learning experience.

But there are principles that you can apply to any area of life you want to improve in. From beating people who have been training waaaaay more than I have in ju jitsu to watching our business grow exponentially in the last 6 months. So think of an area of your life that you want to start crushing the competition in and apply these 5 tips to learn 10x faster

  1. Measure the smallest possible victory
  2. Drill one thing at a time until it is unthinking habit.
  3. Shorter periods of study every day beat cramming
  4. When you are starting, try a million different things
  5. Debrief your successes and failures

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Gotta try this out, hopefully will help with my studies

This is pretty interesting

Learning is very important, any tips to help students learn quicker is very valuable....good post =)

I feel like I learned more in the 3 years i've been out on my own than anything school taught me. It was techniques like this that I learned from teachers like Tony Robbins that changed the game for me. This is awesome advice Charlie as always :)


Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try those out.

Good video but i do not want to learn xD

Great to see you on Dtube!
Love your videos! I have a similar way of thinking!
Have a nice day! And welcome to dtube! :)

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Very nice video helpful for us

sounds really interesting ... i think i will test it in my next exams ^^

great video guys! upvote here

thank you for your clear explanation..

awesome tricks. thanks a lot!!

Very helpful for me i think! Very nice video! I am student and i´m on a point where i have very much to to, because i have to organize a scholarship too, as well as a internship and i´m doing my driving license....... So very exhausting and time consuming. I always had problems to lern with longtime effect especially when i don´t want to lern something :D Like Latin... :D
I´m looking for tips and tricks to lern for a wile now, i think you helped me ;)
I rly hope i can manage this hole sh*** in time... :D

By the way, i´m a german student so sorry if i am writing like i´m coming from moon :D


Great post. I upvote and resteem. Support me , upvote my comment too. Thanks.

Dude I didn't know that you're into jiu jitsu, good for you. But anyway, here's a little tip for all the students: Study at night, 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. You might feel like you didn't learn anything because you are tired, but tomorrow when you wake up, you will know everything. I don't know the science behind this, but it works!

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