meaning to awaken the sleeping lion..

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What things can we learn from the phrase so that in our daily activities easier to understand it, then use it to reap success? Or is it just a fun phrase that we do not need to give the deepest meaning, we do not need to pay attention, because the busyness has occupied our time if just to play the phrase? Here are some things we can think of.

There is Hidden Power within
The self has power, like a tiger that symbolizes the extraordinary power and difficult conquered by its enemies. If our strength is not us bother, we do not stimulate to grow, success is still difficult to achieve. Strength, big or small, remain energetic if we can awaken it and use it to realize dreams.
It is not easy to increase the target, especially if we are used to working from the origin and the origin is finished. Hearing the word target alone we can be afraid because not used to do the best. However, when we realize that the target is a motivator for success, increasing the target is a challenge. We can also awaken the "sleeping tiger" inside because of a strong will to succeed.

by @chalil05

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