Superstition-the fear of God & religion

in life •  3 months ago

The practice of slavery has been going on for centuries. The courage to oppose Admoro has not remained in us. There is a fear of going to hell, so some gods have to be angry. We are all dumb. Even knowing and knowing the hypocrisy, we can not raise a voice against him.From the people whose forefathers are going to the doors of their turbans and go to their doors, they still go out to get their muhurt in marriage.Madhi is a sacred relation, not Compromise.There is a relation between two families, but where the priest of the hypocrite understands it, the purpose is to show the other
Many generations of whom had been exploited by them, and they could not wear slippers at their door, and today they are proud to have their children naming them.
Our ancestors considered themselves blessed by coming to the gate for begging, they had to be divided in their anger if they did not give them a high posture. Even today, we do not miss their stage of vandana.
His father-in-law never sat on his bunk, and he was always able to eat them on a leaf, today he removes the planet's fault by worshiping his trains.
They are alive from the body but their soul has died; when the slave of the generations is free, they can not leave that peg, because they were biting.This bird hunter can not even raise the courage to leave the cage of the hunter, where They were always imprisoned. Those who are afraid of lifting the rope of their neck, they are really dead. Even knowing that all human beings are different, arranging their food differently, firstly arrange food. No, touch phase with the additional honor living evidence of the enslavement of generations it is a bitter truth.
It is difficult to accept the truth, perhaps it seems to be happening to you, your conscience is shaking you, but the probability is that you do not consider it and forget it after reading it. Give respect to anyone as much as That he is more pretentious and slavery than you, who does not accept us. As long as we do not come out of this horizon, this practice will continue to do the same.
Note- This is my absolute personal idea whose purpose is not to hurt someone's feelings, but if someone's feelings are hurt then I would apologize.

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