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in life •  20 days ago

Emotions change constantly. We accept the cylinder. But this is always our connection to love. Even if I'm angry, I'm not going back to you. If you don't ...

I'il always tell you to stop me when it's leaking. You can protect yourself from dust.

Why didn't I grow up? I don't know, I'm all childish. But if this place is here, I'd be a shame. I will save the world and humanity. You're suffering from all the emotions that got his ego yet.

Numerous me, mother: I've solved you many times and I'm not a foundation yet.

I can't find a race like you in the realm of land.

Come and see; I'm not a good son. What did I give you besides my dry love? This is the strongest feeling I have. He didn't know anybody and he couldn't see my body. Except my lord

But what I've dreamed of is to access and share with you. I would love to live a life worthy of the palace, the bullion and all the riches of the world. Heaven is at your feet and in most of what I want at first. Come and see; My life is in the world of dreams. The remaining three souvenirs and still endless dreams.

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