quick tour of Downtown Saint Louis

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Steem when is the last time you felt that happy, and enlightening feeling when it came to your home


Yea Yea I know its just another city..nahh


Steemians many many years a go around the age 13 maybe 14 years old I was taught to take pride in my family, friends (real kind.. the hard to find kind) and last but certainly not least my home regardless to its appearance or reputation. Since that complicated, and hard really hard lesson (maybe I'll share it one day) I've always stayed true to the end on all 3 with not a second thought ever even Once crossing my mind... below you'll find the following 3 seperate videos all of then are right after each other I just kept hitting a button when trying to record (my apologies) and in these videos you'll see Bush Stadium, 9th street, the arena where the blues hockey team plays, federal building, cbs, nbc, fox, kmov's main news buildings among other impressive and tall buildings now keep in mind this is Saint Louis not Chicago or New York or even Los Angeles and we are the smaller but big in our own way. Thanks for watching and checking out my post fellow steemians, and a Special Thanks to my son Logan for dancing and hanging out with me during this quick little tour video was made and a special thanks to Rachel for rolling with us on this mini adventure.

First video before there was a small recording error




Part 2 of 3

Last video thanks for checking out this post steemians






Disclaimer These images and videos were taken by me. The Saint Louis Arch is a Landmark located here in Missouri


Hello Friend how are you? a very nice city you would like to be there and travel with you, although I already know this a bit, you are right we must feel very proud of our home of our people and our roots thank you for sharing your city and transmit that pride you feel, I send you a big hug from venezuela I hope to see you soon, greetings to your children, to the cute Logan

Here are my roots in Caracas - venezuela only this is part of my city

First of all i want to talk about the picture and it's really amazing to watch and this picture have great combination of man made beauty and natural beauty and i personally liked the semi circle stuff which is really huge and in my opinion this stuff can be seen from the far away because from this picture only i can say that this structure is really huge. And i really enjoyed the tour of St Louis and through your videos it's really reflecting that this place is so awesome to explore and it have balanced combination of buildings means, we can see short and beautiful buildings and high and sky touching buildings too, so really enjoyed the stuff. Thanks for sharing this post and videos with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed you and your family. 🙂

Hello Friend how are you? very nice all the truth I dreamed of going at some point to the United States, we must always be proud of the city where we come from whatever we grew up there

Saint Louis is awesome place :D

Excelente ciudad amigo @carterx7 es Saint Louis, gracias por enseñarnosla

The blog looks different and unique. Perfect information. Thank you for sharing

This is so cool, I will always follow you

as an engineer i can say it was so nice work.

The Saint Louis .I saw at first it.thank you to share this picture.

very difficult design ..

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