Have you ever had a " What was I thinking when I bought this!?!.?" moment?

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Steemit community members have you ever been out shopping and bought something only to later ask yourself the following question, " What was I thinking when I Bought this!?!?!?".. I have check it out


Yes Steemians, I know what your thinking as you read the topic... What could he possibly be talking about? Well heres the deal Im a single parent who spends all his time either involved in some sort of parenting activity, investing my other free time in IT Start up stuff or taking care of just general things in life and 12 hours a week dedicated to school of course. So with all if that ssid how in the hell could someone with that type of life style really buy something that could be a true regret?...




Seriously.... what in the F*%k does one do with a horse like this?




Well Steemians I sort of figured out what I'm doig with this purchase, I've reached out to a horse riding farm that allows disabled, handicap innercity youth and disabled veterans to come out and get free horse riding lessons I'm just waiting on the call back. Initially when I got it I figured I would be able to get my kids to ride the horse but the closes horse barn was literally 54 minutes away so after two trips to the barn I was already not a fan of the drive, then to top things off my three kids arent big fans of horseback riding not even as a hobby.. ):



Feel free to share some of your shoppers regret purchases in the comments below, special thanks to you all for taking a few minutes to check out this post.. until next time take care everyone.



Disclaimer: The image used in the header of this post can be found on depositphotos, stay safe steemiand and take care every one.


I have an addiction with steemmonsters and it’s a really bad one maybe I should start saving my Steem instead but it’s hard not to. But a HORSE ?? What An amazing dad , I would wanna ride it . I’ve always been scared to

@journeyoflife whats the best card you've gotten so far?

I keep buying steem monster cards. I dont have buyers remorse just yet, but I wonder if I've bought more than I should... For a card game. I tell myself it's an investment, but that's what we always tell ourselves when we make questionable purchases. @ironshield

@ironshield well said I to must admit I have purchased QUITE a few and I dont say that litely at all. I'm thinking after things kick off though it will end of being worth it.

Hit me up on discord if you ever want to trade. @ironshield

I know that feeling of buying something and on getting home, you are like, was i really thing straight when i bought this.

Exactly the same thing I was dealing with when it came to the horse. Thanks for checking out the post @mritsnobigdeal

You are welcome, next time, be sure before you buy, that is how i do mine.
Stay strong.

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I have an funny experience, i used very simple mobile handset for more than five years and i wanted to change that mobile handset with an touch screen one, this is the time of 5 years back and then in a hurry i bought new handset without putting any mind in it and afterwards i saw that in few months only the touch screen started to give real pain and literally i am close to punching to make it work but unfortunately my mobile handset was not in an mood and at that time i really regretted on my choice and i thought it would be better if i would put effort to know the handset in more details before purchasing it. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hello Friend how are you? how is the beautiful logan? how are your kids? Has it happened to me that after I buy something I say what I did? but what I do is not think about it a lot so as not to stress, wow you have enough things to do and you're a single parent, you're a super father, you have time for everything, that's why I admire you, I send you a hug

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