How I asked my girlfriend out (shoot my shot) part 1

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It was a tragedy.
Suzan 20180212_100956.jpg

  • I have been loving this girl for a very long time

  • But I was too shy to go and talk to her

Shoot my shot

  • So on this very faithful day, I was talking to one of my best friend and the girl passed by.

  • And I was like..... This girl is damn cute.

  • My best friend was telling me. "go and shoot your shot".

@Voski : Go and tell her how you feel about her.
Me: guy I am too shy
@Voski : go on, nothing will happen, she will like you.

  • So I gathered enough courage and walks towards her and talk to her.

  • She was laughing at jokes, blushing for all the sweet things I was saying.

  • I thought I have scored

Oluwa oshe!! Baddest!!!!

  • So I decided to tell her what's on my mind.

Baby I love you

  • And she was like

ahhh!!! I cannot date you for now
You are like a brother 👫 to me.
After all that I have done to her! 😱
After I bought you what I have never tried to buy for myself before?
It could have been better I am doing my shy shy and be going.

Wait, let me just die here ooo and go.

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Shy shy boy, she's cute tho

Lol, she later agreed

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