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in life •  last year

I'd love to know what your process is when you decide to make a post. Do you have a specific time of day? Do you stay to one theme or, like me, are you still experimenting between themes.

Photo is a publicity still from Co-Ed Season 4

Sometimes I feel during the summer like I'm holding back the wave.

I've just found that Steemit doesn't feel like a good place for my typical status updates from Facebook. Maybe, perhaps, I'm just social media burned out and finally realize none of this means anything in the real world.

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I use the trust the universe approach just bouncing around at all different times of the day hitting up whatever moves me.

I am not sure that helps answer your question.


Thanks, yea I've been trying that approach and it has me writing nothing lol.


LOL well perhaps you needed a break.

upvoted and followed you if you like salaheldeen0 please upvoted and follow me lets help each other :)

Well I just try different things, so different experiences are good :)


Yea I'm still on that. I'd really like to bring some focus into what I'm writing.