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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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Dave . OH MY. You continue to amaze me my friend. I have tears streaming and am so shaken by the support. I actually just wanted to withdraw and wait for the funds but you have done me a big favor. A lovely person @spiritualmatters send be 5 sbd and I sent to you so it gets to this fund. another sent me some also but i had put it in savings. I am sorry I cant figure this out to send to you some how some way,


Ok Brian, I have sent you the $150 USD... There will be way more than that coming in the future, but that is my contribution to you. I always planned on sending you the $150, I am frankly blown away at the support of all the others here! I want you to have the meds you need and enjoy every day you can!

I will make a post and detail all the other donations and get them sent to you/Lynn directly so that you can also convert them to cash. @abh12345 has turned me onto @pennsif that can help you liquefy... Also @beeyou will help too!

I am so overwhelmed and no idea what to say right now. Lynn is balling. please send to my account as i will be the one that has the withdrawel hopefully someday set up. Lynn has my access info, Thank you my brother, very very much appreciated.

I will do as you wish... You might want to talk to @pennsif about doing it easily... According to @abh12345 he can send you usd direct without going through the exchange. I will hook you up with him... I also think @beeyou said she would take 50 sbds and convert it and send you the money through paypal too. I want to make it as easy as possible for you guys. So I will try to not overwhelm you/Lynn.

ok please as that will help so much. will you deal with @beeyou. I do not want her to have extra costs and thanks, yes I see @pennsif can send paypal

I sent you $61 with a note, please have a nice meal or night out on me. :-)

Ahh @deliberator, your note made me cry (tears of gratitude:), and Brian was very thankful as well! When the money always goes to meds and necessities, it was unbelievably thoughtful of you to do what you did :) It is something neither of us will forget, and in fact, we'll cheers with a drink over dinner just to you!! Thank you again my friend, from both Brian and I.

:-) one world, one people, one incredible journey, glad to be part of it with you all. xxx

That's beautiful!!

Right back atcha buddy :)

what a cool thing to do delib! Awesome, simply awesome!

You all covered the meds, I simply wanted to give them something above the necessity line. :-)

It is very thoughtful and I'm sure they love it! I can imagine its been awhile to have a nice treat like that! Awesome Delib!

I will do on both! Just take it easy and sit back and enjoy your evening with Lynn!

You tell him Dave!! :) Thank you so very much!!

is this your paypal address? [email protected]

I will also be able to send to paypal account. so idea about coinbase and the others. its hard to concentrate but hopefully i can get it set up I think or hope lol

coinbase is an place where you can sell your bitcoin/litecoin for usd. But it would be easier with a confirmed account to sell. If you need any help just tell us :)

I am lost all ready. the cancer makes my head all screwy and yes Dave I was a numbers guy too before lol.

how do I get a confirmed account or use someone elses

Now to sound offensive but where do you live...i might need that to know to set up coinbase

I am from Vancouver canada but live now in mexico to end my time

wait a second i think coinbase is not in Mexico:

Shit I use my master google skills and coinbase is not in Mexico. I shall be looking for an alt.

thank you my friend

I think the easiest way for you is to work with @pennsif and @beeyou... They will get you the money through paypal like how I sent it to you.

ok beeyou said for you to just contact her

@davemccoy I wanted to do something the other day when I commented on @lynncoyle1 post with a poem. I don't know how the money works on this site, and I don't have very much anyway onsite as far as I can see. However if you would like to post me an email [email protected] with a secure address for you or Lynne, I'm sure I could wire some cash or buy a Bank Cheque or Western Union. Thank-you. Keep on keeping on.

Hi @simon62 that is a wonderful offer! I am happy to see you make that kind of offer... I have checked your wallet and you have some Steem Dollars in there... You have 2.414... What I would suggest (and I think it is the gesture more than the money) is that you send me $0.414 of your steemdollars in Brian's name and I will add them to the next batch I send him. That way you can keep 2 of your steemdollars for other things in the future (and I will explain what you can do with them later).

I'm sure @lynncoyle1 will be touched that you even offered to send money from your personal account. But in my opinion I think this gesture by you is worth more than any money you can send.

If you want to take my suggestion, then let me know if you need my help in how you can send the $0.414 in steemdollars to me.... I can walk you through it really easily! :)

You're good! thank you very much! :)

Goodo, one reason I offered Bank dollars is that I don't know how to this stuff on steemit. And, I've just found out someone is messing with my ability to curate. Yesterday after some very short posts in my morning, I suddenly had no bandwidth, and the reason I post at that time is because then is when bandwidth is greatest. Now I can't Vite, without an error message, so I can't earn by curation. All this time I've been putting up two to four blog-posts Abd a couple resteemed and all of a sudden I can't blog, but two early our morning, and then can't Resteem and now can't curate. I did look at wallet and have as far as I can see after nearly four months a whole $5US. If I knew there were going to be bullies I could have given cash weeks ago. A bit money isn't the worry, but bullies not even letting a bloke learn how the site really works.
So where is the post to tell me in DUMMY how to send you 0.414 whatever?
I am not liking steemit more and more. I never did see much point in internet to begin with because as far as I can see it steals people's time and gives very little back but fast comm. If you do buy something it still has to be slow-mail posted and delivered by such as I in a truck¿
We 4th h nil authority, then there isn't freedom only bullying chaos and nothing worthwhile will result from such. Freedom is having restrictions and knowing what they are then entering into discussion and negotiation, not arbitrary silent BS like the Witness us doing to me. She needs to meet someone like me on the street, and she would think again real quickly. I've spent over fifty years stopping bullies, and to hack this, I think I might have to leave.
--I wrote a plan to another, in saying if one got ten AU$2 red sim from vf, then started ten IP addresses with different 118Ed mail addresses, then passed posts back and forth to each for thirteen weeks, one might be in a better position to flag all her posts, but if course she has not made one all the time I've been attacked, and [email protected] needs reading to. He has a bad attitude and no actual logic not having studied Pythagoras nor his student Aristotle, in any depth. Querying me on Pythagoras, he didn't appear to know that all language was numbers and logic and mathes are related. And anyway since 1954, and friend Einstein, there is nothing certain. How can someone of his emotional stance be called upon to partake in [email protected] and wield authority over persons of a differing opinion? Soon we'll have religious fundamentalists raving on steemit, and already I've read some pretty ungenerous Christians, but surprisingly, none from other beliefs. Mist people will allow others their own beliefs so how do two, a witness and a steemcleaner get to be police¿
May the blessings be.
If you would write me a simple 1234 direction, that would be cool. Thanks @davemccoy. Or email¿ 😇


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This was six days and would not accept a vote, and then a few hours later after I found I could post reply to you it wouldn't take it again and then it was seven days. I've voted for posts after a week even if there is nothing but bits involved. It's still a vote. It us not all time and money surely. What's going on? Please.

the system has been acting up... there was a virus that hit and it knocked all the servers for a loop... I am still seeing those messages a lot too... Just hang in there, they have to deal with the virus and then it will be back!

OK, so there are people attacking the blockchain. Why, whatever did authorities here ever do to be considered for attack 😆😆😆😆

Oh @simon62, what a beautiful offer!! You really do make my heart smile :) I agree with @davemccoy ...your gesture is so loving and that alone is all you have to do!! If you would like to send Dave the 0.414 both Brian and I would be genuinely happy about that. What would make me even happier, is if you continue doing all you do on steemit and one day when you are more able, use your steem to help someone else in need. You have such a kind heart my friend! I will not forget this :)

No worries @lynnecoyle1, this week I'm feeling great, even with a witness and an emotional geek on my back, because this morning I marched at the Parade and I was with a beautiful lady and her daughter who both love me, and, and, I'm the last man standing of my school class here in Oz. Just my old sergeant left and I left England before the end of Vietnam so all those back in the old country don't count. I didn't actually go to SEAsia, but we were on the airfield on the way to Blue-hat Cyprus, but when the Greeks and Turks heard we were coming, they quit fighting
One by one the vets passed on, and all my elder Bros got cancer or drugs, legal and illegal, and burned out early. I've asked Dave for a heads-up on the how. I never wanted to do this for money, so [email protected] is all off-beam, and I just don't get most of computers, having only about one month more than my steemit experience since analogue, when I had secretaries. 😆

My father always taught me that money is round to go round, not flat to stack. If you are ever in need, and I am well and in sufficiency, what's the problem from giving you of excess? People make a big deal of money, but I have lived without very much all my life, and with faith in the Holy Spirit there is always a sufficiency. If I 'want' something and have not the resources for it, I have to ask myself, 'is it a need or a desire?' If a desire I may or may not get it depending I suppose on my attitude of giving, or more rightly my karma, but if it is a need, then by my faith it is always provided, even if, like rain from a clear blue sky. I see sense in some insurance because we have to deal with other people, but I see no sense in much because that is betting and gambling my faith in Spirit, or asking God for an accident 😂 Just because one knows the angels will catch one if one falls, is no reason to jump. One has no necessary need to prove one's faith to oneself or to any other person, and anyway, one's karma will put enough proofs before you without gambling. I find joy and appreciation in every action I see my gratefulness evidenced. Keep on keeping on. I have yet to learn how to upsteem, or do anything in the wallet at all. I don't understand that stuff, so I just leave alone. You may have a Bank cheque if you ever have a need for meds and find a shortfall in finance. @davemccoy has my email. May the blessings be.
Keep on keeping on. 😇

I love your father's saying there @simon62! He must be a wise man ;)

I too have always lived my life distinguishing between wants and needs and never worry about the "wants" too much.

Thank you again for your generosity and your kindess!

You are welcome. Some help one on this site and some get their kicks from trying to be a hindrance, thinking possibly that their righteousness must be right for everyone and not just them. 😉

Sorry to bother you with more, but I opened fb, and my brother sent me this old post. I used to do alot of pastry-cooking as we both grew up with sugar-cane. Worth a thought. Be well. 😇

Thank you for that...I'll have a look !

should I withdraw the savings still in my wallet now so its avalable in three days. again overwhelmed

yes you should withdraw that and just put it into steem dollars (sbd)... we will figure out the next steps together!

I am thinking maybe you can just sell it and send to my paypal. As for my account I can transfer it all to Lynn when I need too

Hey @briancourteau what's that Paypal address, brother ??

very thankful my friend

Thank you. I saw what you did in paypal and here. I am forecer grateful and I will pay it forward. Again I am proud to say you are a friend. God Bless

Having your paypal address makes it a little easier for me to just send regular fiat, so thanks for putting that in here, @briancourteau.

Blessings & Light to you and Lynn, Brian. <3

Thank you so much. where are you from. Lynn and I are forever gratehul.....hugs

Hi Brian,
I'm from North Carolina in the U.S., and have been on Steemit for about 6 weeks. I'm finding lots of great community.
Holding you in Light, Love, Ease and Peace.

yes that is what we essentially are going to do... you will be getting it via paypal I believe... I will verify with them both tomorrow.

btw dave can you reach out to pennsif...its ny birthday today and you gave me the best present ever. you. A great friend and all my friends here

yes I just reached out to @pennsif to see if he can do some more today. He is probably out right now, so I'm sure he will be back in touch when he can. Happy Birthday today! I hope you and Lynn have a wonderful relaxing day! :)

thank you. i got meds but its taking few days to withdraw so hats all i wanted to know

Prayers to you @briancourteau and @lynncoyle1!

  • My wife had cancer treatments, so totally understand the struggle.
    8 going on 9 years cancer free!
    • I wish I were in more of a position to help financially!

God Bless

key.gif The KEY to Life!

I am so happy your wife won the fight. I am so blessed by you all here on Steemit and Thank you so much

Thank you so very much @coolfish, I appreciate you thoughts and prayers! I too am so happy that your wife has been cancer free for so long!!

oh dear, be strong and get over it

Don't worry Brian, we will figure it out with you... There are many that want to help you and I'm just trying to get a handle on how to take care of it all... I will for sure be getting you the $150 and since we are over then I will figure out how to get you the rest (either via sbd/steem or usd)... Also some are sending you money directly via paypal... I have giving out your paypal email to at least 3 people and posted it here in a comment. [email protected]

You have made an impact on us that we will never forget, so if we can help you then we will! Hang in there, help in on the way my friend! :)

Yes i saw Stevenwood help on paypal for 12.00 cdn. most grateful Dave, I am at a loss for words. My gofundme was short 300 for my total costs. so this is so helpful.....

I'm glad to see so many people coming to support you. We are going to be way over the $150 so I will get you that and we will figure out the best way to get you everything else. At least you will be able to get your meds you need for tomorrow and hopefully the extra amounts will help with other medical needs you have.

You have a lot of fans here, feel free to stop by and say hi to them! I'm sure they will be happy to hear from you! :)

Dave I am so proud to call you a great friend. all of you are great friends. I am going to nap as this has definately overwhelmed me in a good way

I hope you have a great nap... get some rest and no worries! Many have come to help you out!

This makes me think of Treebeard when the Entmoot is happening. :)

Good, good, many have come

I was glad to see you blondie! I saw your wonderful donation and glad you got a chance to see the post... I hope all is going good in your new job... I can tell you this, we all miss you... So even if you have to stop by once a week, don't forget us!

And lol on this:

This makes me think of Treebeard when the Entmoot is happening. :)

I don't even know if that is something real or you are just making it up to see if anyone acts like they know it! :P ... its funny though!

I really appreciate you, Dave! Both for your enthusiasm for having me around and for what you're doing for Brian. He and Lynn are very special people and it just guts me that he's in so much pain and all he needed was money to make things better. You're a good man. I really appreciate what you're doing for them.

Sad news on the job front: The guy never called me back. Interview went well, he said he was going to send me an offer letter, but he never did. I contacted him and haven't heard back. Not sure what happened.

I just needed to take some time off the other week. I was getting drained and I want to bring life into the people on the platform, so I took some time to recharge. I'm back, but as you can see from my results, I haven't been quite as active. Life requires a lot of adapting, so I'm trying to find my sweet spot.

I don't know how many people read this deep in the thread, but I'll give you the answer anyways and then people can act like they knew. It was from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers when the Ent that is carrying two hobbits realizes that so many trees had been killed. He yelled really loud and that called the other Ents to come to a meetings. When he saw how many of them there were, he said, "Good, good, many have come" in his super deep, slow, wise voice. Yep, I'm a bit nerdy. :)

This should be buried deep enough that not many will see it.

Remember my whole "milk" theory for votes? Yeah, came up with a new one. I've been hitting Brian with whole milk all day! Ha ha. So much better than 2%. ;)

I have to say the extra however you want but usd is best I think as who knows when I will get something figured out. but no matter I have given Lynn my info