Losing To Cancer But What You All Must Know About @lynncoyle1

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Well my friends, The days seem to grow longer for me and the energy I can garner is harder to find. I wish I could post more but it seems not only my energy but my mind tends to leave me at times. I seem to be finding myself wandering to weird thoughts, weird places and I get angry beyond comprehension. The Cancer is taking a toll now more than ever. I find the pills are making me an asshole that I was never before. Just sitting here typing this hurts my hands and litterally my entire body. As I was born with one kidney that was functionable it has to work harder than ever to filter the shit from these pills and the cancer. I get gout more often and the doctors say its from the pills, not food....GO FIGURE.

I wanted to say that again I will always be grateful to the Steemit community and the people I have met here. I just had to stop because again I lost my thoughts. I am so glad the way I have chosen to die by no moe hospitals but with my love of my life by my side. Now I have said it before what she does and keeps that smile going is way way beyond my abilities. Not only does she take care of our boys back home as young men but also as a full time caretaker to me basically. I am so in love with her and even more so each day. She has numerous things to deal with and now her Parents are elderly and she has been helping on that side too. I want you to know that what she does here is not for money, for fame, but just because that is who she is.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. The anger got to a boiling point where I said some terrible things to her. I now she is aware that is the pain and the bullshit making these words escape my mouth. She is by far a very rare person and even as a teacher in her profession she had a rating from her students that was high for our system. She also has some of them on facebook who are now having babies and even though she left teaching to take care of me they still check in and send her love.

To this day I have to say hat you are all lucky like I am to have her as a friend. Loyal to the core and so always trying to help anyone in need. I am unsure of a place I can put her but to me she is my Mount Everest. My daily dose of her smile keeps me fighting. It is not in her nature to ever look at the glass have empty but always positive as in the glass is half full. I want you to all know that I am forever grateful for the fact that I found her. An Angel that I needed at my darkest point in life to give me strength and the ability to realize love that is eternal.

Please all my friends and hers here look after her, check in, give her challenges LOL, she loves those. But please most of all be grateful that she here on Steemit is a part of your lives. You are all very lucky........

She rescues animals

She comforted my Dad on his last day The middle finger was a joke between him and I

She dances around with our cat Buddy

Another rescue

She cheers for my football team

She cheers for our hockey team as if she is on the ice

An amazing Mom

but most of all she is the best friend and lover one could ever have

My favorite picture


You know she loves you deeply because that would be the only reason anyone would support those lousy teams of yours 🤜🤛

You guys are both so wonderful !!!! I’m so sorry you are going thru all this pain.... and I am so happy that the two of you have such a wonderful and strong love for one another ..... I feel like a child that looks up to and admires the two of you..... I love the way you don’t give up and fight to the end .... I love the way you two love each other .... that true unconditional never ending love I’ve always yearned to find and have ..... the way you two care for one another .... they way you guys always seem happy ... even when things aren’t going your way.... you two have given this Mom of three... who hs been diagnosed with cancer .... hope ... hope that real love exists .... hope that even when things are horrible and unfair .... there are sweet moments that make the fight worth it .... that there is always something good even when everything seems so bad .... I’m truly greatful for meeting you guys on here . 😘❤️

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day, man. You know that she still loves you and wants what's best for you. Don't let it drag you down. We all make mistakes sometimes, but the key is to move on from it. You're doing amazing. We're proud of you, friend.

I got touched by your words of endless love for her, and can certainly see that her smile brightens your days. A lovestory like yours is hard to find, but when you find it ... it's more precious then words could ever tell. And so glad that you both cherish this eternal love.

This is quite good to know, we continue to know more about you guys as the days go by. Courage man and draw even more closer to God as the times get darker.

Oh you two just share the most beautiful love I have ever seen. I must admit, the two of you have certainly made me realize just how precious life is and how much we should love and respect our significant others. You guys have definitely made an impact on people lives here on Steemit and I could only imagine how much that has been off of Steemit as well.

Lynn is a very rare breed that's for sure 😊 We can all see here just how amazing of a person she is and just how genuine and kind she is.

I can only say you have a wonderful angel by your side.. she must be very special! I dont have any other words..

Wow, what a tribute to this remarkable woman, Brian. Says a helluva a lot about you as well my friend :)

I was in the forest 2 days ago and I though black and white ravens(they actually were crows) flying over the burnt land (they burn the grass here in winter for helping the regrowth) , and I thought of you .I even took a video of them because it looked like they were dancing .
I m sorry you're going through hell, and you are being so honest about the situation, it takes courage to face your daemons and admitting your wrongs! We can all be assholes when in pain, don't worry buddy

your courage to face the situation and to face yourself at the same time is an inspiration.

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