I want to scare my girl so help me do it.............

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When you love someone as much as I love my girl you learn to listen to all the talk she has to say. There likes, dislikes, loves, what here afraid of. Well I have decided that all of you need to help me. My girl is absolutely terrified of clowns......TERRIFIED.

I am asking you all to send a picture of a scary clown in a reply to this post and put for you @lynncoyle1 so she gets notification.

Its a joke I want to do..............I was once at the Fairgrounds and she will literally walk the other way when a clown is near by............I am still unsure why she is afraid other than she just says it creeps her out...........Please help me

image courtesy of google images

image courtesy of google images


I hate clowns. They freak me out. Here's one though...


Right??!! I say the exact same thing. They just "freak me out" !!

As per request of briancourteau. Here is an image for @lynncoyle1
One of the most fearsome clowns with probably the highest body count!


haha... funny @apolymask... very true!

For the love of all things holy!! What have I ever done to any of you?? That includes you too @briancourteau, and all my so called friends who joined in on his so-called fun!! That's you @sparkesy43, @davemccoy, @apolymask, @thedarkhorse and @wolfhart! :)

The only sane one in the bunch is @galenkp haha Kenye, the biggest clown of all.

If any of you care, I was awake half the night :)

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer makes Bart a Krusty bed. Bart is sitting there in the dark rocking...

"Can't sleep. Clown will eat me. Can't sleep. Clown will eat me."

hahahaha I remember that episode. Classic :)

...and unfortunately, fairly accurate haha

For you and @lynncoyle1?? Absolutely

for you @lynncoyle1 I hope you have a wonderful evening!


Brian, great idea! lol

Sleep well @lynncoyle1!

@lynncoyle1 Have you ever looked in the mirror and this looked back ?


@lynncoyle1, we have decided to not include a picture of a clown but instead Upvote and Comment so that this post gains attention, lol! All in good fun 😊 This does at least show your husbands fun love for you.

hahaha @greetersguild! Thank you for the small favor, although, your attempt to get it more exposure, and in the process more damn clown pics, tells me I've not that much to be thankful for :)