Every Morning I Wake Up, And Become a Ninja!

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Yup you heard me correctly, A NiNjA

Life on the farm means you don't go to bed while the streets are still lit up brighter than Aunt Molly's prize winning Christmas tree, it means that we don't have the excitement of the fast paced life and it also means that we do not have the convenience of having shops around every corner. To give you and idea: The closest shop to get daily supplies if needed is 30km's away, the closest Shopping Cernter - 49km's and the closest Cinima - 120km's

We do however have so many other perks that truly makes it worth while staying here!

Organic meat and eggs straight from the garden, fresh fruit and veg right through the year growing just outside your door, peaceful nights, crisp fresh mornings and certainly one of my personal favorites; Summer Rain!
Just before it starts raining, the air fill up with a devise earthy smell that lingers until the rain starts falling and pushes it back into the soil, you can almost see all the trees and plants around you becoming a brighter shade of green as the showering waters wash them clean, and almost immediately after the rain has stopped the grateful earth starts giving life to new growth. There is absolutely nothing that I do not love about the Summer Rain here!

Oh except that it turns me into a NiNjA every morning!

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You see, with the rainfall outside, there are quite a lot of unwanted guests that move a little closer to home like the flying ants, moths and the diverse array of beetles that suddenly gets flooded out from whence they come and mistaking the porch light for the moon. Then there is of course lizards, tropical house geckos and frogs making the most of this instant fast food joint known to us only as: The Porch-light And they in turn make a divine snack for the for snakes, so you can occasionally expect one of those! Ah and then of course there are the F.O.M.O. spiders, I mean They can only eat SO MUCH!!, really not a point in relocating their webs to the back door area for the sake of food, but hey - they want in on the action too!


Now picture me with an attention span shorter that any given creepy crawly just outside the kitchen door, making myself a fresh cup of coffee and head outside - still half asleep, ready to peacefully sit outside and watch the sun rise over the horizon: Then BAM! I "unexpectedly" walk into this backdoor entourage AGAIN and that is where it happens: Your arms moving fiercely as if you have been training for this your entire life, while you simultaneously move in and out of various squatting and crouching positions with lightning speed and contouring your body in ways you never realized it was able to move in, and you become an...



Ah - I cant wait for tomorrow!


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While I lived in the city as a kid, I spent almost every school holiday on Family-Friends' farm (in Villiers, Free State).

In addition to growing crops, they had a dairy farm, which meant REALLY early wake-ups. The reward though was "fresher than fresh" milk on our pap every morning... more often than not topped with biltong and cheese. YUM!!!


Yup the spoils of waking up early on a farm!

I also grew up in the city, up until the age of 14, initially I HATED farm-life, but now I wont be able to live happily in the city :)

I have never tried eating it like that, but I do have some rooibok biltong hanging now, will be ready in a day or two - And guess whats on my menu...

Thank you so much for the comment and the support, May you have a Braaiday Friday kinds day!

I had a really good chuckle at this and the mental picture is still making me smile. This was very entertaining to read.


Thank you so much for that great feedback! I am so glad that you enjoyed it - I also laughed about it eventual!

Have a great evening!

What a fun post!


Ha - the not so fun part is that it is true :D

Thank you so much for your comment & support!

My you have a super awesome day!

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Funny of you @breezin. And you become an actress movie shutter ? Lol


haha, @princefm - I can honestly say that being in showbiz, in that particular field is not on my bucket list!

Thank you so much for your loyal support! Much appreciated!

LOL, you don't have to be a country dweller to know this feeling. They say we are all within three feet of a spider at any given time, even on the international space station, apparently. LOL Great post! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your recent support and give you a little upvote and invite you back any time to read my stories and play my contests thanks! @markrmorrisjr


True, but trust me - these ones here become an inadmissible factor, it is like walking out the door straight into a living wall of insects, leaving whatever soft cold and squishy entity that you are stepping on - a mystery! Yup have your tab open on my PC- just trying to get through a few things first, like replying to awesome people such as yourself!

A compliment to you, (slightly off topic) You are absolutely brilliant at networking, I take my hat off to you for that!

Artikel yang bagus. Semoga para pembaca bisa berubah menjadi ninja di waktu pagi.. Hehehe


Ha, I would really like to laugh with you, but I have know idea what you just said!

Thank you for commenting anyway!

Hello, living in the countryside should increase our life expectancy, breathing fresh air and eating fresher food, as well as enjoying beautiful sunsets and wonderful sunrises, which will fill our thoughts with poetry.


That is so very true! Makes everything else worth while! I am so blessed to be able to raise my daughter in such a soul constructing environment!

Have a lovely evening @syllem

I’d love to be a ninja while eating healthier and slowing down the fast paced life a tad :)


I used to feel that way too, but now I want to grow up and become a JEDI

Ha Ha. Love it. I didn't quite get it until I saw you dancing in the sunrise wiping away the spiders, bugs, and tripping over the snake. Good stuff that made me smile. Thanks!


I am so glad you enjoyed that - I promise you I would pay to see me in action!

Lol, loved it.

F.O.M.O spiders


Go ninja, go! Keep fighting off those minauture beasts :)


and they are MOFO - F.O.M.O spiders at that:

made me FOMOphobic - I can tell you that much!

Hahaha. What happens to the coffee?


Let me put it this way, Caffeine body soaks are great for the skin!