Running is the best.

in life •  8 months ago

I use to run cross country in high school. It was plenty on fun and I really enjoyed it. I was able to become one of the fastest on my team and it was nice to get faster every race. In cross country we have pr's short for personal records and that is are fastest 5k time that we keep track of. I was able to average a 6 minute mile for 3 miles in a row and that to me was a great achievement. It is funny to think about how my endurance is very low now. I am sure that if I ran a mile it would not be very good. I still wonder though if I trained for about 2 years if I could get back the speed that I use to have. Reliving the good old days would be the life for sure. Have you ever ran cross country or track? If so then the memories are worth cherishing.

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