Zero to Hero Challenge: $0 to $1,000,000 | Day 331(July 29, 2018) | Daily: +$1.95 | Total: -$16.95

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No trading


Computer Science & Information Technology

Windows 10 - Includes Anniversary Update (Book)

Didn't manage to read.

7 / 21 Chapters Completed

Udemy - Java Masterclass

I didn't manage to continue the course.

Course Price: $10.50 USD / Paid: $2.914 / Remaining: $7.586

Crypto Earnings

Steemit (STEEM & SBD)

I thank all my upvoters and followers for my author rewards :).

Blockchain Whitepapers

No whitepaper summary

Jobs Earnings - $0.00

No jobs earnings


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I wish a good day to everyone.

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You should try Stakecube. They have 2 faucets you can claim MMOcoin and Bitcoin W spectrum once a day. They are a staking pool website. Get some cheap coins and stake them for regular rewards.


Hey thanks a lot for the advice. I'll definitely get a look at these :).