Too busy to live.

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In today's world time it is practically synonymous with success. But is a busy man - a successful person?

In fact, employment - it is an insidious trap, to get into that very easily. We feel that the more cases we have, the more we are more productive and more successful. But this is an illusion.

In many films, successful man is shown in a very busy and we are consciously or unconsciously try to match this image.

Employment does not mean that a person is successful. Rather, quite the contrary - if you gain the courage to analyze at least one a day, something really important things that bring you closer to the goal, occupy almost 20% of the time. On the other you can easily get rid of (to do this you can use these articles here: "Time for the big rocks" and "Why do we not have the time").

If we can get rid of 80% (or at least 60-40%) of their cases, it is logical that there is a fear - "What do you do in free time?". For idleness somehow it does not fit the image of a successful person.

First you need to understand - you have a real-time, or its visibility to solidity. This is easy to do, if you analyze your business with the help of the Eisenhower matrix (it is in the articles referred to above).

If you prevail important things (urgent and non-urgent), while real-time. Most of the day is not doing important things? Then, unfortunately, your time is worth nothing and a waste of time the image of rough activity.

The second point - you need to change their attitudes about what a successful person must have to work 12 hours a day.

Successful people - is the one who lives full of harmonious life. He has time for yourself, family, favorite work, friends, leisure, etc.

Work smarter, not the night before. Seneca

I am sure that you do not just come across information about what people regret later in life. Most of them regret not about work, about:

a small amount of time spent with family

trying to live up to the expectations of others

unfulfilled dreams

the absence of travel


Do you also want to end the life of regret it? If not - then it's time to change your life.

Remember that the index of efficiency and success of the person - not the number of cases, and harmony, when he has time on all spheres of life.

Your life will not last forever, and nothing can bring back to fix it and do it differently.

You are now actively engaged in career and you do not have time to read a book to a child or to take a walk with him? But after 5 years, when perhaps you will have a little time, it is already to be unnecessary.

Do not deprive yourself of the brightest moments of life, hiding behind the apparent or real-time! Learn to prioritize, say "no" and plan the bright moments of life in the first place (a case in your diary will have time to appear).

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Yes - live in the moment and get off the computer! Ha ha
But really, life must be savored. Thanks for the reminder-how easy we forget