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I am about to tell you the secret to the nature of reality that lays of the surface and yet neglected by many even apparently smart people. This simple truth has been passed down throughout the ages and used by wise man to gain an advantage. I can promise you if you read this it may change the way you think therefore may change your life for better.
And that simple truth is Humility.
Wait a minute what? Yes, my friend, this may sound odd to you but keep on reading

If there was a way to describe a wonder of this world, it would be Humility at work, if we look in Dictionary that word means a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness. And that is how this world operates, it is attractive to see a moderate person who is not trying to put himself above you isn't it? It can create miracles and it can bring in you that which you ever dreamed of. Love, prosperity, respect of everyone you know, it will make you an attractive person to be around and everyone will seek your friendship.
You see it is not a mere display of external behavior that allows one to be humble is much deeper than that it is an actual feeling of being one, and the good news is we all have necessary tools at our disposal
You have You to work with.

And being humble is the actual state of consciousness, it is the way one can feel and experience inside oneself and that feeling is also can lead one to the states of higher consciousness.

If we are to look at Eastern literature Such as Tao Te Ching, Mahabharata, and other epics, we can find hints all over it.

That is where the West is opposite to the East (by west I mean modern culture) because in the west people are mislead into thinking of self- importance more to be proud of something that is not worth to be proud of.

Benefits of humility:

It allows one to be sensible, perceptive, open to ideas and improves learning capabilities.

It allows one to be successful in all trades of life and yet to be loved by everyone.

It also means to be deprived of Ego. Ego is but the false opinion of oneself to be important, which in the eyes of the others can make you look as a foolish, or people say he is full of himself.

It allows to adapt to current circumstances and gives the ability to be flexible.

By being humble one behaves with respect towards others, therefore they respect you back

It allows to actually hear the opponent find differences, actual motives and resolve the conflict in a win-win scenario.

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Humility is a virtue contrary to pride. To be humble is to live modestly, serving others, acquiring greatness in the heart. Being aware of our limitations as humans.