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Hello Everyone! Its been 3 days since my last article with PRiVCY Coin, Due to my busy schedule. But rest assured that next week we will continue to tacke the fresh news and updates about PRiVCY Coin Project. Today we will discuss about the airdrop news for round #10.

This week PRiVCY Coin have recorded a total of 905 Airdrop Participants and this number is 5 Members lower compare to previous airdrop week. 90% RULES is enforce for this round and still 450,000 PRiV is total airdrop pot for this airdrop round.

Holders Group has total of 711 participants that receive 522 PRiVCY Coins with today’s market value of $25 USD

New Members Group and Dumpers Groups have a total of 134 participants that each receive 167 PRiVCY coin with today’s market value of $8 USD.

As of today PRiV Coin is being traded at $0.049 USD per PRiV and as usual dumpers will dump at any price for small financial gain. New Airdrop Mechanics has been announce for Airdrop #11 and all dumpers will be scratching their head as there are no more free meal for them every week.

Airdrop 11 is coming soon and PRiVCY will enter the new phase of airdrop distribution. This time the holders will be rewarded with bigger share while dumpers and those who have less than the required airdrop amount will receive a lesser stake in the airdrop.

Don’t Forget guys, If you are not accepted this week its not the end of the world, Strive harder for the next round don’t settle for less and improve your account everyday. Learn from others and copy their success. Remember PRiVCY Coin is an opportunity its not a job that offers weekly income.

That’s all for today guys! i hope everyone is happy since Saturday is the Favorite day of all PRiV Airdrop Participants. See you guys again tomorrow for another Edition of PRiVCY Community Newsletter.

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This News Entry is a personal opinion and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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