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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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@davemccoy our mutual friend @simplymike shared this story on SteemThat. If you need to publish another post there where you can embed a paypal donation button I'm perfectly fine with that if it would help some. Additionally we do not have alot but I will be sending you some SBD in just a minute. Please get it to them. Thank you


Thank you so very much @blinkley! Any friend of @simplymike is an automatic friend of mine :)

Brian and I appreciate your generosity and your kindness; your recommendation for Dave to post there with the paypay embed button is a very thoughtful gesture too! Thank you again. This is something neither Brian nor I will ever forget.

I said the same thing... see great minds do think alike!

Dave, we really do think alike so many times :)

Very kind of you, @binkley. I knew I could count on you! :0)

You are amazing... we should change your name to @simplyamazing ;)

No thanks, i don’t want to start all
over a 3rd time :0)
On top of that it would create expectations, and i don’t want to be amazing all the time - lol. Some times a girl needs a break :0)

lol.. you better be careful about those expectations... they have crept up very high already! ;)

Thanks @simplymike, or as Dave suggests, simplyamazing :)

see @lynncoyle1, it fits @simplymike doesn't it? @simplyamazing :P

ps... she can keep her other account and say "fork" too if she wants!

hahaha sshhhh we don't say "fork" out here :)

It is a pretty fitting name for her though!!

wow that is fantastic @binkley! I will be happy to either edit this post or do a new one... I don't know how to embed a paypal donation button, but if you tell me how I will be happy to learn!

And I appreciate anything that you send, frankly you just stopping by and offering your support is amazing... So thank you so much in advance, I'm sure that Brian and Lynn are also very grateful!

Just let me know on the paypal button and I will follow your lead! :)

ps... and any friend of @simplymike's is always a friend of mine... She is wonderful!

It is actually very difficult to find now but is still doable. If you visit your paypal account and login you often have to click through ads a few times so annoying. You should finally get to this screen.


Once there you can click Tools and a drop down window appears. Here is where they get super sneaky. It used to be prominent and easy to use paypal but now it is so frustrating that I rarely use it but for this it is perfect.

Click Business Setup...Most would never look here as they are looking to make a donate button. Trust me the next screen looks like this: and you will find the button you seek.


It takes like 5 minutes to do it but 30 to explain it. I think you will be able to handle it.

Fill out the basic information there are 3 sections to create the button. When you click create it will generate a script like this.

button link.png

If you are completely freaked out by all of that code and what to do with it no worries.

You can copy and paste it into your Post on IF you make a post in visual that works great. Then at the end of the post switch to text and paste in the script they gave you. Then save or publish and once it gets published it should have the paypal donate button.

Super Easy Method No Coding or Hacking Involved. Click the email button next to website on the code generator. Now you have an easy link to hotlink or make an image clickable on Steemit and or twitter, facebook, etc. Got questions you can message me on

That is very very cool for you to spend the time to write all this up... @simplymike (aka @simplyamazing) has volunteered to put up a post about this and get a new fresh view... And she said she will post on steemthat... :)

Btw I have signed up for steemthat... I haven't gone there much, but now that I know you I will figure out how to incorporate it! :)