You must have Good Souls or I mean soles

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Today I had my first doctor visit to a general doctor in about 16 years. My wife wanted me to go get a check up, no real problems to speak of, but my feet have been hurting a ton. I have been on them for some 12 hour days lately, and figured that was the reason. But I checked my shoe soles and found them to be none existent anymore. My work shoes are about 6 months old, and get a lot of use. woman-livedinashoe.gif

So I bought some doctor scholls inserts, and got the long day set. I felt instant relief this morning, so at the Docs I mentioned it to them, and they quickly diagnosed my with planter fasciitis, which is only cured by amputation.... Just kidding, but it hurts like heck. My feet still hurt quit a bit, and they told me to ice them with a frozen water bottle, but the lack of support is what I believe caused it. So here is to fighting getting old.

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Shoe soles are always a great source of pain for most people. And most do get to realize that their sole is eating away by more and more usage. I have a show that is bent to one side because the sole had shrunk on that side. I feel the pain, but havent paid particular attention to it until recently. A little suggestion: for work shoes, its better to have 2 or 3 pairs so that you get to rotate the use and maybe it will help the soles last longer and not eat away.


Ya, I do, but I just need to replace the inserts more often. It has only been two days, but my feet feel a lot better.

There is nothing worse than having problems with your feet. I’ve had similar problems from standing all day. I’ve blamed my footwear but my shoes are super comfortable, I just spend so much time on my feet. Maybe I should have it checked out myself. I’ve been stubborn and avoiding it.


Ya, Really most of the treatments are self administered, and being on your feet all day just makes things hurt.

shoe soles are really important but scholls not the brand that my mom used, because they were useless to her. she bought another brand and was happy, I dont remember the name. any way just wanted to say that this is nice story. ty for sharing. I guess its a man thing not going to the doctor, as dad also hates drs.


Geeze tell me my stuff is crap, and then forget the other brand....


thanks for the vote and what i meant that what works for some do not work for others

It's always important to be wearing the right shoes if you work somewhere where you have to walk a lot or stand for many hours. I really think it makes a big difference and in the long run it's important for your back to avoid having back pain or problems with it when you're older. I really enjoyed reading your post, hope you're getting better soon! :)


When you are young, you don't realize it, but as you get older it is a full time job taking care of yourself.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis too. Have you tried stretching your toes or ask your doctor about getting a custom orthotic made? Hope you get relief soon!


Ya, I have had custom insterts it just really came down to me being lazy, and not taking care of myself.


Oh okay I see, but yeah don't let your feet go!

All this because you had no sole! ;)


It was a blue sole, at least it wasn't a black sole.

sorry about your feet. I have problems with my feet whenever I wore shoe. The last little hurts alot and I have been looking for a solution for a very long time but nothing yet

We have to keep clean our soul by doing good work.. It is the life..

Friend, incedible context.
One content direct and very organized.

My God, when you wrote that they had to amputate them, I was surprised, very funny. The best thing is not to stay a long time standing and make continuous breaks to not have so many ailments, although the years do not pass in vain hahaha

I strongly recommend getting on the barefoot train.

Ever since I made the transition to wearing minimalist footwear the pain in my achilles tendens, ankles, and knees have disappeared.

Xeroshoes is the footwear I get. Its basically like being barefoot.

Your body was created to go barefoot and modern day shoes actually train our bodies in a way that is harmful for us. Thats why we have so many problems today with knee and joint pain. Its because of these shoes with the "arch support" and stuff.

For thousands of years we've done great without it! Now when we introduced it, problems have come about.

I compare shoes to crutches. Its like walking with crutches for a while and then naturally your muscles and bones will weaken as you move in an unnatural way.

Imperfect analogy but yeah....get yourself a pair of xeroshoes or vibram barefoots or some other minimalist footware. You won't regret it!