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A human being is an incredibly fine, sensitive experiencing instrument. First of all, this biggest organ, our skin feels. Oh, it doesn’t just feel! It feels different things differently. I mean, there are our fingertips. Then there is the palm, and the palm feels a little differently than the fingertip. The back of the hand feels, too, but differently.

And then we have eyes—they see; they react to light. And do you know what you do? You take that light that is falling into these eyes and you convert it into a feeling, an experience. “I like that!” “Oooh, that’s gross.”

An artist takes some strings made out of metal, wires them on a piece of instrument with a key, and then strums. And as he strums, he touches that string in different places, creating different octaves—just noise. But you know what you do? You take that hearing and go, “Aww that is sweet!” Nothing is so fine-tuned.

The taste? “Mmmm.” You have all the logic in the world, and your logic should say, “Hey, it doesn’t matter if it tastes good. What you need are these nutrients, and this, and this, and this, and the....” No-no-no-no, no-no-no, not human beings. We want that wheat to taste as good as it can get—because that feels good.

That’s the tool you are. Place in it that truth that resides in you, and it will sing out with the most incredible ecstasy. That is the ultimate, ultimate passion. Contentment, peace, joy. These are the notes of this instrument. And when you play it right, that’s what happens: gratitude! Peace, contentment, bliss, understanding literally just ring out of this instrument.

So if you have not heard the song, it’s not because of the instrument. You haven’t played it with the passion it deserves. Play it with the passion it deserves, and you too will hear sounds emanating from this that you have been yearning to hear all your life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, 'til you play it, that yearning will never go away, and if you do play it, that yearning will simply increase. When something is like that, then this is the most accurate description of true passion. And that’s the passion you need in your life. Anything else is shortchanging this instrument.

It’s fine; it’s beautiful; it’s incredible. It’s sensitive. It feels; it feels; it feels—it feels during the day; it feels during the night. And when you don’t feel good, it just wants to feel good. And when you feel good, it wants to feel good even more.

And this is the passion you should have. Do not compromise: one life.

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