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What is the real attraction in your life? What are you attracted to?

We, in our lives, need equilibrium—a “feeling good.” Good, feeling good! There are certain things, for you, that work—and certain things that don’t work. Feeling good works. Feeling bad doesn’t work.

Feeling good could happen infinitely, and you will be fine; you will not be bored with it. Feeling bad, on the other hand, you want to get out of that situation. This is your nature. Do you concur with your nature?

When the heart is filled with gratitude, this is pleasant. When the priority of this life is understood and acknowledged, this is very pleasant. When I don’t bank and bet on yesterday, nor tomorrow, but I bank and bet on this moment called now—when I have understood the infinite that resides within me, then this is very, very pleasant.

When I live, not on those tracks that are formed by belief, but when I live on the foundation of knowing, (not suppositions and formulas and ideas and theories), but knowing, then this is very, very pleasant.

When I know, (not believe, not think, not wish), but when I know the friend within, then this is very, very pleasant. And this is what Knowledge is all about. This is what life is all about, filling your life with the pleasant.

Think of life like this—it is your opportunity to spend time with the best friend you ever had, to be with the ultimate clarity in this whole universe. It is your chance to spend time with the ultimate kindness. It is your chance to spend time with the infinite. It is your chance to spend some time with the ultimate joy.

Get to know! Get to understand something. Get to feel! Get to be in gratitude. Get to rejoice. When those things happen, you feel alive. That’s when you begin to live. And this is your time, your opportunity, your chance to spend some time with the one inside. How beautiful, how simple is that?

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