The sun and nature, my best anti depressant.

in life •  9 months ago


I woke up with physical pain in my bones today, and a heavy heart. When I opened the curtains the sun was shining. It totally changed my mood. I started to think positive thoughts, and thanked god for this sun shining in my windows.


I phoned my friend asking if she was going out with her dogs, and if I could join them. And of course she welcomed the company. Due to my physical pain and my depression people stop asking if I want to go places with them, as I more often say no than yes.

If only the sun shined everyday and I could get out to appreciate being with nature and it’s beauty. The fight with this depression and pain would be so much easier to manage.


Loved my early morning walk.

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Establishing contact with the beauty of nature makes life a lot more beautiful, much more real, and the more attentive and concentrated you observe the sunset, the more deeply you will understand.


Awe thank you so much for reading and your feedback. I love the sun, I also love the moon and the sky.

You have sun! I'm so jealous.


We don’t often get the sun here, that’s why I had to take advantage. The sun will shine down on you soon.

I hope you can keep thinking those positive thoughts and getting out on those walks. They really do help. Sun does too, but we can't really control that part. Good luck.


So lovely you read and left such a lovely commented, thank you for your good wishes.