What is the treatment for flatulence

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What is the treatment for flatulence

Most people suffer from flatulence. This problem is also present in children. Abdominal distension is not associated with weight gain, rashes or other problems, but this problem is caused by poor eating habits, quality and cooking style. Causes, treatment methods and symptoms of flatulence problem.

Causes of flatulence

  • Eat large amounts of food at once.

  • Obesity and accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

  • Swallowing large amounts of air is done by smoking, chewing gum, tension and nervousness.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Constipation.

  • Eat food quickly.

  • Lactose intolerance.

  • Neural colon injury.

  • Eat legumes frequently.

Complications of persistent abdominal distension

  • Ovarian cancer.

  • Pancreatic dysfunction.

  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes inside the abdomen.

  • Bowel obstruction.

  • Accumulation of fluid inside the abdomen.

Methods of treatment of flatulence

  • It is preferable to distribute the meal throughout the day and not to eat it at once.

  • Exercise after half an hour.

  • Avoid late night meal and overnight sleep.

  • Refrain from eating pulses in many quantities.

  • Avoid smoking and bad eating habits.

  • Eat healthy foods containing fiber and vegetables to avoid constipation.

  • Eat hot drinks that relieve bloating, such as preparing anise and cumin, and then take a cup of it three times a day after the meal.

  • Prepare a green mint drink with natural lemon slices and add a tablespoon of sugar.

  • Prepare a fresh ginger drink with a grain of blessing and take a cup twice a day.

  • Minimize spices and chili with foods. Dilute the canned tomato sauce with foods.

  • Minimize foods containing lactose and replace it with natural sugar.

  • Preparation of the Merami dipped and prepared and eaten fresh every day after the meal.

  • In the case of neuromuscular injury, it is preferable to abstain from drinking large amounts of milk and to compensate them with other dairy products for calcium.

  • These methods can relieve and treat bulge in adults and children over three years. Children below that only are prepared cumin beads and mixed with a little anise and give to the child after the analysis and processing at an appropriate temperature.

By: Aysheh Osama


Wow beautifull post thank you :) keep going like this :)

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As a doctor I endorse the info in this article. Nice one.

Some people laugh for this desease but actually we shoukd pay interest four our body health. I agree with the causes and i want to mentiin one more : eating BEANS soup. It stimulates flatulence for a ling time due to the properthis they have.

This is a detailed post, I wish I could stop eating late meals at night :(

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