The secret of success in life

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The secret of success in life

Building skill

I should strive to study, devote time for a better life in every business, and the idea of ​​being a good person in what he does is the best way to achieve success and improve life, and there are several things that can be considered as a reason to achieve career stability in any profession. During the course of taking additional lessons, training once, updating skills, knowledge of the latest techniques and practices, in addition to the exercise of work outside work skills , the use of the Internet in order to find useful tricks and techniques, can also speak with the expert to benefit from his advice and experience. [1]

Cultivate success in all aspects of life

You must take care of health by adhering to a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, because the healthy body in the right mind, should also identify the cause of the problem, such as: lack of energy, or lack of focus, and then deal with these problems by discussing a doctor or expert Nutrition, or other health professionals. Many exercises can be done by choosing the fitness exercises that you prefer to enjoy. [2]

Effective planning

Think positively

To get a better life, think positively, taking into account readiness to work hard to get all that is good, planning for the future in order to cope with the various difficulties of life, as well as the plans that lead to failure, there is no problem in Expect bad things, but it simply makes a person better able to handle events. [1]

Specific career path

This is an important aspect of success in life. Moving from a temporary job to a temporary job will make it difficult to move to the larger and better stage. It is therefore necessary to try to identify the career path as soon as possible, taking into account special skills, Provide an acceptable and comfortable life. [1]

Adhering to success criteria

High standards of success must be upheld, because successful people are highly motivated, strong work ethic, where each task must be self-defined, exceeded the expectations of supervisors and co-workers, and dissatisfied with saying: "That's enough. Striving for improvement and progress as required. [3]


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By: Hadi Fehmi


While this might come from a good place, the reality is success can only be described in one word - happiness. Do you live a happy life? Not based on your education, job or what society tells you what success is, but are you happy to be yourself and live your life authentically, the rest is just a big delusion, that things and accomplishments and accolades is success. Being on a path of genuine life is success and even then that's relative :)

Too true my bro, we are raised to perceive success through the judgement of others; parents, teachers, general society (which is why when someone you first meet asks what do you do, the usual answer from people is their job title). With success comes judgement, because one has to be judged in order to be classed as successful - and that is where the struggle lies.

You are entirely right in what you say, to be happy is to be also be successful in life

Stay ready stay focused

There is no secret for success.

Makes sense

Very true. The definition of success keeps changing as you keep moving ahead. And each of us has their own definition of success. It's a folly to be in the rat race.

Indeed. One man's path need not be fit for the other.

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The key to success is doing what you LOVE and being CONSISTENT at it.

thanks ^^

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