"It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society"

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"It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society"

Jiddu Krishnamurti coined this notion over six decades ago. He was speaking about an already gone insane society of the 1950's. How appalled he would be now, by the openly Fascist society that has transformed the Constitution of the US into a goddamn piece of paper.
Nothing will wake up people. Absolutely nothing. The Fascist society plays people out against each other - to the detriment of their own well being. The sham of the Two-Party Plutocracy hammered into the degenerated brains of a population that has succumbed to the constant lies, deceits and propaganda as if it could ever be the truth.
Void of any critical thinking, the masses align with their favorite Fascists. "My Fascist is better than Your Fascist!" There is no question about the nature of this derangement: It is called 'exceptionalism'.
Fascism is deeply ingrained in the American society. Don't take my word for it, though. There are enough expressions about American Fascism, but what are these good for, if the masses possess this proclivity for Fascism? Fascism was never a problem for the 'good' Christians congregating in their temples of false sins. The decrepit notion of being a sinner through birth is as persistent as is the flow direction of a river heading to the Ocean.
"There is no Hell - other than the one Christians, Jews and Muslims have created on Earth."
When I went to the hardware store to buy my rope, there was nobody who asked me what I would need it for. But I was prepared to answer with: "I need to hang something up".
No, there are no more illusions. Humanity deserves to go down. Nobody will come to its aid, no Aliens are watching humanity with loving eyes. It is all Bullshit. Distraction. To distract people, that are eager to be bullshitted - they demand it. Because they believe a Bullshit story about a fantasy that incorporates an old guy in the sky that loves You - even though he is a perverted hater that finds joy in the extermination of millions of innocent people, whose only 'mistake' was to be born outside the US. But even those born inside the US are given the chance to slide down into desperation, homelessness and death through lack of proper, affordable medical care.
The addiction to the latest technological gimmick, the larger TV for more brainwashing and mindless fecal entertainment, to 'food' that is not deserving of this term - it is trash, garbage, toxic filth wrapped into endocrine system disrupting plastic - but have another Coke, another bag of artificial flavors, toxic colorants and nasty preservatives. These snacks are so good! Have another bag.
Life has been reduced to one meaning solely: consumerism. I shop, therefore I am. Good people are rich and famous, the poor are just scum that doesn't want to work hard enough. "Get another job, You fucking loser! What You say? Nine Dollar net is not enough? You fucking communist, why don't You go and live with Your commie faggot friends in Russia, or China!?"
"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. The supreme god of a fascist, to which his ends are directed, may be money or power; may be a race or a class; may be a military clique, or an economic group; or may be a culture, religion, or a political party." - Henry A. Wallace
Designed in 2000 - after the installation of Bush. There are still many people that have taken over the role of Don Quixote: riding against the windmills of the Fascist society with increasingly failing results. You're not only up against the Fascist system that is the Western hemisphere, You are up against those who will protect it with their lives, because they are high on koolaid, or whatever other drug, still deluding themselves about the Plutocrat's mantra of "Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to subdue the masses.

The pursuit of happiness is only acceptable if it incorporates consumerism. To be happy means to be shopping for shit You don't need, with money You don't have (never, ever, since it does not even exist - it is like inches, or pounds and don't take my word for it, Alan Watts, a Philosopher that surpasses Your sparse intellect by an entire Universe figured that one out) as George Carlin explained so eloquently:

Makes it pretty clear, that if You have no problem with this profoundly sick society, that Your cognitive abilities will be surpassed by any random Cockroach.
For those, who have retained something that resembles 'intellect', the effects of the profoundly sick society are devastating. For those who can look through the Bs coming from above 24/7- literally - life has turned into a nightmare. For two reasons.

One) The sickening and mind numbing propaganda dished out by the presstitutes - the so called media that never had its head outside the rectums of the Plutocrats - creates an insolvable conflict and of 'conflict' is now known, that it is the true root cause for cancer. Not DNA, or any other Bullshit You are supposed to believe about it. It is the conflict of living in a world filled with fucktards hellbent to destroy this formerly pristine Planet.
Two) Being surrounded by people that are so dumb, that the number of their shoe size easily surpasses their IQ by magnitude. The chosen ones. The ones that have no problem with the above stated. That have no problem remaining in a political party that is run by Fascist principles. Screaming that they are 'Democrats', because they are members of the Fascist Democratic Party. At least the Republicans don't succumb to that lie. They don't care if they are Fascist or not, as long as they can keep their guns. And work hard. Live in trailer parks, or under bridges.
Both could be called 'Victims', if their dedication to the Fascist society would not be voluntary. Their ignorance is willful and willful ignorance is gullibility. More insight on this sad truth from George Carlin:

George Carlin on Bullshit

Back to the profoundly sick society. This piece was kicked off by a short documentary that is titled "No Measure of Health". It addresses the Zombie like population and its accepting of constant advertising emanating from private corporations into public space. If there is still something deserving the term. To find out, how much "public Space" is left, go demonstrating against the Fascist system and You will find out where You are still able to do that. In a public landfill facing the mountains of garbage - maybe.


No Measure of Health

No Measure of Health profiles Kyle Magee, an anti-advertising activist from Melbourne, Australia, who for the past 10…

Last but not least a remark to an important historical date: The end of World War II - the war that is still easily sold to the lesser mentally gifted as having been fought and ended by the US. That Bullshit is as persistent as cancer. No, the US did not win that war. It helped to start it, like too many others before. Who really ended it, is screamed over by propagandists who can count on the gullibility of their sheep.

It was Russia who ended WWII, not the US. Also, there was not one word about how many people Russia lost through the US backed attack on the Soviet Union.
27 Million people. But the only thing that ever matters are six million Jews. And no, it's not that they don't matter, but FOUR TIMES as many Russians were exterminated and we know that the number of 27 Million is correct.
27 Million people.
And people have the gall to believe the decrepit Bullshit about Russia being an aggressor? Amassing the largest Fascist military force at the Russian Western front?
No, no word does exist that could possibly describe the mental state of those who are backing this largest planned terrorist attack on planet Earth - continuing the perverse attempt to subdue the entire planet to the corporate, Fascist society.
Good night.

It often appears that the only person that cares about reading what I write are my Three Felines and a few bored fellas that have some time to spend quite liberally. Therefore I am not really sure where the boundary is between being mildly insane about the quality of one's own work and the factual being a well written piece of whatever is written based on personal experiences. The above recited notion by Jiddu Krishnamurti is one of the most influential ones in my Life so far. Few others had this much of an impact and yet, I am always surprised that there are folks who have not herd of it before.

In quintessence, the realization is simply that it is not healthy to be well adjusted to a system that is actually very detrimental to Your health. Later on I found out that it does work the other way around as well. We now live in a time, when one must make sure not to state all too vigorously, any sort of support or rejection of present political entities. Today, it is as unhealthy to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society, as it is unhealthy not to be well adjusted to such profoundly sick society. It is in other words a 'lose/lose' situation. The only 'thing' a profoundly sick society appears to be useful for is extinction.

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