What if someone wants to go to Europe without money?

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Why would you wake up and thought of traveling to Europe withouut a dime? Isn't that a suicide mission in disguise? ive seen many that has travelled without money and what they did is this.

They walk throught the desert that has the temperature of almost 60 degree celcius on foot with little food in their Bags.Their intention is always to trek through the desert in other to beat some cost and travel through the sea to European countries Like Italy, Spain Germany and so on.unfortunately, most of them dies  of thirst in the desert and 90% of those that escape the tragic moment of the hotness quench their thirst with sea water by drowning in a ship reck.Not many survives the journey. 

i was opportuned to speak with a young woman(my ex sister) that's in Germany through skype. she was offered an opportunity to traveled to Europe and she grabed it not knowing she had already grabbed what might send her to her early grave. since she knew nothing about abroad she was taken to libya, used as sex slave and brutally maltreated.as time went on she absconded and joined some groups of people travelling through the desert since she had no where to go. according to her most people died on their way.some in the desert ,some in the ship like Boat. she talked about how corpse were thrown into the sea.Finally she got to Italy and she was taken to Germany as refugee.it was a tragic moment for her and she said if she knew she would pass throug such deadly moment she would have stayed back. This is the life of people that think of travel to places that can be reached by air without spending money.

There is no how you can get to Europe without having money,even if its a visa lottey you will still have to finance your trip. We can all do well in any part of the country we find our selves. There are challenges every where, Look up, the sun you are seeing is still capable of drying many cloths.Believe in you ability and one day you will make good money and conviniently travel to Europe without stress.

you can check this link to see the number of people that died in sea trying to get to Europe without money


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